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Why I No Longer Stand With Rand

OldMexicanblog Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 1:32 PM
Re: loadstar, -- Does "cheap" ILLEGAL labor result in savings for us? -- Have you never heard of the concept "Comparative Advantage", mr. economics teacher??? -- ALL who hire ILLEGALS make more money for THEMSELVES, but their CUSTOMERS do not save money. -- ALL - yes, ALL, yard care services are in CAHOOTS! The MILLIONS of THEM! They would never, EVER think of UNDERBIDDING their competition! Nope, that never happens. You're no economist. Stop pretending, loadstar. Maybe the gullible faux "conservatives" that visit these pages can be fooled by you - but not me.

In 2010, I endorsed Rand Paul for US Senate, and my Political Action Committee that supports anti-amnesty candidates contributed to and raised money for his campaign. Rand Paul’s platform stated that “I do not support amnesty. Those who come here should respect our laws.” He supported Arizona’s SB 1070, opposed birthright citizenship, an “electronic fence” and stated that “our greatest national security threat is our lack of security at the border.”

Now, I am regretting my endorsement and contribution to his campaign. Since Obama’s reelection, Rand Paul has repeatedly waffled on immigration. In a speech before the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce...