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We Fund Dependency

OldMexicanblog Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 11:15 AM
Stossel: --It's easier to get welfare than to work. How many times have you, as Townhallers, heard a Democrat pundit saying that people would rather work than collect unemployment or welfare? That the "culture of dependency" is a lie? The fact is that if you're guaranteed a stipend that can keep you nailed to your couch and your PS3 all day, even if it pays LESS than an entry-level job, you will take the stipend, because there's something called the DISutility of work - a person would rather enjoy leisure than work. It the marginal utility of work is higher than the utility of leisure, people WILL work. But welfare/unemployment benefits changes the marginal utility of both to the point people now prefer to not find a job.
"There are no jobs!" That is what people told me outside a government "jobs center" in New York City.

To check this out, I sent four researchers around the area. They quickly found 40 job openings. Twenty-four were entry-level positions. One restaurant owner told me he would hire 12 people if workers would just apply.

It made me wonder what my government does in buildings called "job centers." So I asked a college intern, Zoelle Mallenbaum, to find out. Here's what she found:

"First I went to the Manhattan Jobs Center and asked, "Can I get help finding a job?" They told...