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Did Freedom Win?

OldMexicanblog Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 11:22 AM
Re: king10, -- I must be winning the arguments -- Not with this kind of false dilemma: "So Libertarians, do you come together with conservatives for a common goal or do you take your ball and go home?" Conservatives are the ones who took the ball, the bat and the mits. It was the GOP that shunned libertarians from the primary process as if they were lepers. And you still have the gall to say that libertarians should stand with YOU? Give me a break.
Democrats won big last week. So government will continue to grow. Individual freedom will yield.

At least some people with records of supporting liberty were elected: Sen. Jeff Flake in Arizona and U.S. Reps. Justin Amash and Kerry Bentivolio in Michigan and Thomas Massie in Kentucky.

Also, Washington and Colorado voted to allow any adult to use marijuana. (But users beware. Your newfound freedom may be short-lived thanks to that extraordinary human being in the White House -- you know, the one who smoked pot when he was in school. Despite promising that he wouldn't, he has cracked down on pot...