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Ban This! Ban That! Ban This and That!

OldMexicanblog Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 11:18 AM
Re: gtanv, -- The steroid use can have severe long term debilitating effect. -- And that falls smack into the category of "IT'S NOT YOUR PROBLEM" -- it's unreasonable to tell an athlete that in order to compete he has to subject himself to drugs that have the long tern effects of steroids -- And the VERY MOMENT you see someone place a gun on the head of an athlete to make him or her use steroids, I will be right on your side to express outrage and make some fist waving. IN THE MEANTIME, mind your own business.
rickmcq Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 11:42 AM
Agreed, OldMex. If an athlete cannot be allowed choose to risk long-term health by using steroids, why should the athlete be allowed to choose to risk long-term by being punched in the head, being sacked in the end zone, by facing a high-and-tight fastball, by going off the ski jump, etc. Big Brother always knows best, after all ...

I like to bet on sports. Having a stake in the game, even if it's just five bucks, makes it more exciting. I also like playing poker. "Unacceptable!" say politicians in much of America. "Gambling sometimes leads to 'addiction,' destitute families!"

Well, it can.

So politicians ban it. It's why we no longer see a poker game in the back of bars. Half the states even ban poker between friends -- though they rarely enforce that.

After banning things, politicians' second favorite activity is granting special privileges to a few people who do those same things -- so big casinos flourish, and most...