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You might have forgotten to mention this side of Mandela. http://donboys.cstnews.com/nelson-mandela-secular-saint-gone-to-his-reward
Fascinating, a complete fail in Chicago; yet, this hypocritical politico advocates for gun control when he can't control violence within his own area of responsibility. It would seem realistic to clean up one's own area of responsibility before advocating it in others. One usually leads by example. However, this is Chicago - thug capital of the US.
So now the US military is to be used a mercenaries. Yep, troops die and the government rakes in the bucks. A better option would be to send congress and the administration since all they do is eat, pass methane gas, occupy space, vacation, campaign, and hide from meeting with their constituents. So no great loss.
Don'tcha just hate it when some individual goes against the Marxist decision to control one's life. It just disrupts the long term plans of the self appointed elitists to institute hive mind or collective consciousness upon society. It's that PC thingy carried to the extreme.
Just a sign of the times.
"There is no specific mention of executive orders in the U.S. Constitution. Instead, presidents argue that the power to make executive orders is implied in the following statements in Article II of the Constitution: •'The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States' •'The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States' •'He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed'" The very fact that BO refuses to see that all federal laws are enforced speaks that any of his "executive orders" is a bunch of BS. In fact if congress had any gonads, it would fight this attempt at the usurping of its powers as granted by the Constitution to legislate.
Wow, I must be a terrorist. I'm a vet, conservative, love my country and flag, believe in God, live in flyover country; I don't trust Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, jihadists, and our current administration. My bad. The MIB are at the door and black helicopters are overhead.
The entire F&F debacle was known to Holder(DOJ), Clinton(State), Napolitano(HS), FBI, ATF, ICE, and the DEA. All the various heads of these agencies are guilty of maleficence and should be kicked to the curb or better a federal prison for 10 or so years. The desire to further curtail 2nd Amendment rights by trying to prove the vast majority of illegal weapons going to Mexico were coming from the US was supported by Clinton, Holder, and Obama. Don't believe? Do a google on how they felt about armed Americans. All three of these marxist/Alinsky devotees supported the useless nations Small Arms treaty.
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