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little WillySmith-84, - Are YOU missing the POINT that the University gives "FUNDS" to those Groups it agrees with while "witholding" money from those Groups that it disagrees with..?? Do you sense any selective discrimination here..?? Mother Nature as created VAST Difference in many of Her Creations. If YOU want everyting the Same & Identical, - then YOU better go talk it over with Your Mother, and re-gain some "Natural" Common Sense.. We will wait eon's for your evolvement..
Willy Smith-84, - Were YOU Questioning, - or were YOU "Insinuating." If you were Questioning, - then shame on YOU for not keeping up on the NEWS.. If YOU were coyly "Insinuating", - this is an indication of a Deviate Liberal mind-set.. There are numerious instances of Muslims attempting to slyly taking over an Institution.
Homosexuals & Lesbians seem to want the Rights & Privilege to Publically & Openly show their sexuality where-ever they go, - - perpetually suggesting.. "Hi, - I'm GAY, - Wanna go Do-it..?? We use to call that "Flagging." - - No different than open Public "Prostitution.." Why can't they just keep it zipped in their Pants & Bloomers, and shut the fruck up...???
Poor Ginny has Lost her logical-common sense Mind - if she even had one.. Remember, she was a Political Appointee to satisfy the radical women's Groups.. She got the SC title for what's in the "crotch" and NOT for what's sitting on top of her long neck stem...
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Gold Bounces Back

OldGeezer75 Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 8:15 AM
GOLD plunges downward from $1900 down to $1600, - $300 dollar drop and what a "Calamity." GOLD rises by a minisquel ...70 cents and you're seeing the beginings of a "Buyer's Boom...!! Talk it Down, & now Talk it UP... Chris P. - are you still stuck with too much Long GOLD you need to un-load to the Market...??? People will someday soon be selling GOLD to buy a Loaf of Bread - - oz for oz...
Just LOOK at the "revealed" mass psycology - or should I say "mass psycosis" of the BUY & SELL" points within the up-down lines of this Chart...!!!
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A Day in the GSA Office?

OldGeezer75 Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 7:47 AM
We could do without 75% of the GSA personnel, - - come to think of it we could do VERY WELL with without 75% of most Federal Employees.. When I visit a Federal Office for any reason, I never see more that One-in- Four actually working on something necessary... - - And I may have come in HIGH on the number actually in "productive work.."
Did you mean: "Let the TAX payer eat Crumbs..!!"
Please-Please, - keep it CLEAN.. You must know enought good & thoughtful WORDS to convey your intellegent ideas without reaching for expletive expressions from behind the crotch zipper..
Overheard at a Democrat election strategy Planning session, "That GOD of the Bible is forever interrupting & interfering with Our Desire to Rule in the Affairs of Men.."
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