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Maybe he can run for the senate as an Alaskan?
"The state will never trump federal laws," Another democrat clown that has never read, nor understood the Constitution... Or any of the other Founding Documents and writings of those Founding Fathers. There really needs to be minimum standards for serving the People.
Common Sense tells me that "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" is not a 'suggestion'. That same "Common Sense" also tells me that I do not need government approval to "KEEP AND BEAR ARMS". Denying any Citizen their "Constitutional Rights" is a felony under existing federal law, and this 'executive action' is a DIRECT ATTACK on my Rights.
Left your brain in your other pants again?
Sealing BOTH borders is an easy enough task. Put American Citizens on the borders with shoot to kill orders. with the sole caveat being only inbound traffic. traffic leaving is free to go as long as they leave empty handed. they came with nothing, they leave with nothing.
Here's a thought. Everytime an illegal alien is found, send them to a tent city in the middle of the desert (Sheriff Joe can find a good spot) and as soon as another group of busses becomes available, haul to the border and kick them out for the next trip. No hearing, trial, or any other obstruction to removing them. They came in with nothing, they can go back the same way. And ANY person that tries to aid them in escaping being thrown out gets their Citizenship removed and they go on the next bus.
I doubt the replacement will make it through the next election. Nor will a bunch of other democrats in both houses. Now, if the 'republican' party takes the hint....(fat chance) We can get some Peoples Representatives in the State legislature. More than likely the 'republican' party will shove prty people down the throats of the voters again. I'm 100% in favor of setting up "recall Committees" in every district and going after every politician that raises taxes, ignores the People and the NEEDS of those people or passes laws that are, even borderline, repugnant to either the State of US Constitutions.
YAY!!!! a 'talking points troll" has arrived on scene.
I'm pretty sure you have a valid point.
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