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Senate Democrats Vote Against the Concept of Balancing the Budget

oldervoter68 Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 4:08 PM
I find it rather amusing that those who are having a fit over a global warming "hockey stick" graph have no problem (apparently) with a national debt "hockey stick" graph. Ah, well.

Let's face it: Budget fights aren't always the sexiest of topics, but since yesterday, the US Senate has been debating a series of amendments to the chamber's first budget resolution in nearly four years.  Here are a few significant developments so far:

(1) Senators defeated Jeff Sessions' provided that would have required the Democratic majority to balance their budget within ten years using any combination of tax increases, cuts, and reforms they'd like.  This was essentially a "show us how you'd balance the budget" amendment.  It failed 46-53, with all Republicans and West Virginia's Joe Manchin voting...