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Mitt's Tax Cut Mulligan

oldervoter68 Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 1:25 PM
And yet you live along the same road, fed by the same water system, electrical,etc, protected by the same police and fire and are not rich. And therein lies the problem with "you didn't build that." The Waltons apparently put a lot more time and effort into their labors than you have.
For some unknown reason, Mitt Romney dialed back his tax-cut plan yesterday, the same day new reports showed incomes are dropping.

Last month, median household income fell by about $500, and since Obama became president, income is down over $4,500. But under Mitt Romney’s 20 percent tax-cut plan, if he truly believes it and follows through with it, a married couple making $70,000 a year would save over $2,000. And take-home pay for a middle-class married couple earning about $140,000 -- with their tax rate dropping to 20 percent from 25 percent -- would increase by over $7,100. Obama has no...
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