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Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is free to "check out" at 75 if that is his wish. Go for it, Doc!
Anything above 50% of minimum wage is above its (lois') pay grade.
With or without Congressional approval?
I blame the mess in Iran on Carter I blame any problems coming out of Libya and Syria on the 0.
Considering where the screaming would be coming from, horse might be ok.
Ms. Nolen, of course there are two sides. Your son chose the wrong one.
Disrupt and destroy are two separate items. Let's hope the campaign does not stop at "disrupt."
He has plenty of sidekicks to promote the "Blame Bush" meme.
And the infected health care worker has been in contact with..............? Probably some uninvited immigrates some where within the health care system.
Indoor plumbing don't mean much if the leach field (or central sewer system) is the dry wash in the alley.
I'd chip for a one way ticket, not sure it would get the full 3 weeks of vacation, however.
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