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That is true, but at least in the local area, the major problems seem to be with Hispanic gangs. They (the Hispanics) are the majority sector of the minority class in the area. Reading police reports (and newspaper headlines), their gang bangers are responsible for problems well beyond their segment of the population. I'm sure, as Lars notes, depending on the area, other minorities, when grouped in larger concentrations, bring their own sets of problems. And that should be a concern for all of us. This is one of the problems with what is going on at the border now. If a large % of those "children" are released into the US, they will tend to concentrate and bring more problems socially.
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Watch: Is There A "War on Women"?

oldervoter68 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 10:58 AM
"Binders full of women!!!!" Hey, Dudette (or Dude) that is like so yesterday.
While most of the comments below place the blame on the Black community, do not overlook the growing problem with Hispanic gangs across the country. I know it seems easy to point only one finger, especially when talking about violence in inner cities, but there is also growing problems in more rural areas and much of it can be traced to Hispanic gangs. I don't want to come across as racist as I have many Hispanic friends, whom I trust. But there is a subset within that race that lack guidance and purpose.
He wasn't speaking for the protection of the Senate chamber, so he had to parse his words more carefully.
psst, yes with the promise from a couple of Dems in leadership (o'neil & kennedy) that they would not let it happen again. How did that work out?
Unfortunately, the blue half of the state, (the one that imposed the $15/hr min wage) pretty much controls the Senatorial elections in WA State.
Maybe along with defunding CPB and a couple of large government agencies (Education, Energy, etc)
I was getting ready to post a picture of a huge fly that I just spread all over a window. Need to rethink this, I guess.
Good question, I'm thinking Patty only because of hair color.
Another thought would be to load with amendments that would be death to left and send it back to the Senate.
Hopefully, if this bill should pass in the Senate, Boehner will give it the "Reid" treatment in the House (pocket it forever).
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