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The Hunter Biden Chronicles

oldenoughtoknowsomething Wrote: 17 hours ago (11:21 AM)
Love ya, Michelle. You're spot-on 99 percent of the time. I just don't understand why you have to bash the perennially under-funded Amtrak. Running passenger trains is expensive as are all forms of transportation. None can exist without taxpayer funding for facilities, traffic control, security, police services and other infrastructure. Please name just one mode of transportation that can exist profitably without taxpayer supports.
I thought she was a Saturday Night Live comedian playing a politician. This is one book you can tell by its cover.
Actually (not original with me, but wish it had been) EBOLA is an acronym for Enjoy Barack Obama's Legacy America.
When my dog does her business outside, I congratulate her by saying "Yea, puppy!" Somehow that seems appropriate here. Yea, Barrack!
You must be an Orman supporter. What makes you think readers here have any interest in your pitch?
For starters, Orman is not really an Independent. He is a Democrat and there is nothing unusual about union hierarchy supporting a Democrat. Hopefully, union members will recognize the truth and not vote en masse for Orman. Otherwise, this is a non-story.
Now I feel better. A doctor - er - lawyer will be the Ebola Czar and his immediate supervisor will be the "blame it on a video" Susan Rice. Boy, I feel sooooo good. What could possibly go wrong?
If other Republicans are anything like me, they are too busy attending to real world activities to take the time to answer surveys. I'm not asked much, but when I am, it's usually when I'm in the middle of something I can't break away from. Anybody else have that experience?
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