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Even if every uninsured person in the country had signed up and paid for a new policy under the ACA, these smaller facilities would not see the money. The high deductibles would force patients to forego getting treatment unless they could somehow come up with the cash. What poor person can afford an up front payment of several thousand dollars? They're going to discover that ACA doesn't help most people.
How people vote will be dependent in large part to how many people realize who screwed them and how. There are a lot of variables that would tax even a super computer analysis.
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The High Cost of Liberalism

oldenoughtoknowsomething Wrote: 19 hours ago (8:56 AM)
I have relatives who sold a 1200 square foot half of a condo in Sunnyvale, CA and moved to Austin, TX, where they bought a 5000 square foot house with cash in a very posh neighborhood and put the rest of the money in investments. Austin is liberal, too, but it's some years behind most of the San Francisco area in terms of liberal destruction. These relatives, if they desire, may be able to turn around in a few years and do the same thing by moving to, say, Fort Worth, TX. Let's hear it for liberalism!
Sounds like "affordable health care". No one really knows who wrote what. The only thing that's certain is that it was not written by professional health care providers. Common Core is similar. No one really knows who wrote the standards, they just know it was educators. That seems to be a pattern in government. Nobody is accountable for anything these days. We are sooooo screwed!
Does anybody keep track of all these talking point terms pumped out by the Democrats so frequently. It's amazing how so many individuals can all think of the same phrases or words on the same day. It takes gravitas to pivot for the children against all those racist Republicans who conduct war on women. Incredible!
I hope there's more than just these statements. It implies that America was founded to be a "democracy." America was founded as a Republic. As such, we have personal liberty, representative government, and the rule of law, not majority takes all. It's one thing for lefties to be mixed up about our heritage, but we've got a lot of Republicans who are also mixed up about it. Heaven forbid we should end up with Jeb Bush or somebody like him as our nominee in 2016.
My thoughts, exactly. They are official enrollees once their first months payment is processed, but how many will continue their payments from the second month on out? The total number from this first year of enrollment could easily dwindle to half or less of whatever the real number is. Also, Obummer says 8 million. Why not 8.6 or 10 or 80 million? Every time this guy opens his mouth, lies spew forth.
I hate to tell you this, but little is new. The MSM have always leaned left, although not so obviously so. The difference today is that we do have some more balanced media on cable TV, radio, and in the internet to let us know what's going on. Before these things happened, we relied on the MSM and we just didn't know we were being bamboozled by them. I can remember faithfully watching Huntley/Brinkley and believing I was finding out all there was to find out about events. In retrospect, I'm not so sure. We must find a way to break through the haze and get the word out to people. That's already happening to a great extent due to alternative media. We're not done yet.
One more thing, talk about an "Astounding Tax Rate on America's Poor".
We all can come up with horror stories. Here's one. My brother-in-law works in a skilled labor job for a single company. Last year, he submitted a W-4 for withholding. Unbeknownst to him, his employer did not withhold or make payments to the IRS. Instead, he issued him a 1099MISC which makes him an independent contractor. His total income was $18,001. On Sched. C, he was able to reduce that to under $15,000. After taking a standard deduction, his taxable income was just over $4000. His income tax liability was $423. Not bad, so far. But then he was socked with FICA, Medicare and other similar expenses to the tune of over $2000. Bottom line, he has to pay over $2500 which he does not have. He owns only his tools, no house, no cars, no nothing. By the way, he was denied EBT benefits. There you have it. Justice? Fairness? Equality? Whatever? Maybe for some, but not for all.
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