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There already is such a voucher program: Section 8. Unfortunately, people continue to be people. Often, when Section 8 recipients move into an apartment complex, others move away and the complex ends up being just another poverty prone area. Perhaps the problem is in the details. There has to be a better way to administer such a program. I agree that government built housing has been a failure nearly everywhere. Fort Worth, Texas had a low income complex known as Ripley-Arnold that was the exception. It was one of the few crime-free public housing complexes anywhere. Unfortunately, urban renewal put it adjacent to a thriving downtown and in the center of a larger area slated for future major developments. It sat on some very valuable real estate and was closed. The land now is home to some very upscale commercial facilities. It's so much easier to dump poor people in poor neighborhoods.
Regarding the doomsday clock: Bulls**t!
I watched Mickey Mouse's, er, Michael Moore's first movie, "Roger and Me," on HBO many years ago. It was vapid and truly boring and I've never bothered with another of his epic failures since. Isn't it remarkable how he looks as stupid as he is?
Sure, let's let a CBS News poll tell us what we think. How many responses did they have to eliminate before they found the six that want this loser to run again?
I don't give a hoot for what a CBS News Poll comes up with. They are in the tank for whomever the Democrat candidate is. They could run a serial killer and CBS News would support him. I'm pleased that we finally have candidates who aren't tied to name recognition. Senator Ted Cruz is one I can get behind.
There will always be some who would march into hell with Obama. If you subtract that number from the total, you're left with a much smaller number of supporters from among those who think and reason, and many of those are simply in the dark because they get the bulk of their information from "news" media that support him. Most survey's and polls are essentially meaningless.
Hard to believe Clint Eastwood isn't up for Best Director. Bradley Cooper makes you believe he is Chris Kyle. If he doesn't win, there is something badly flawed in the movie industry system. That is, beside their left leaning politics. I saw it in a large auditorium that was nearly sold out. I've never before witnessed an entire audience leaving the theater in silence. Great motion picture!
Saw "American Sniper" today. Wow! Have you ever been in a movie theater where a full house audience left in silence? Anybody who hasn't seen this movie has no business being critical of it.
Undoubtedly, this article is true. There was a reason why our ability to penetrate Japanese and German secrets during World War II were top secret. Even though everybody knew during the cold war that we possessed nuclear weapons, there was a reason our policy was "we can neither confirm nor deny." Likewise, there's little doubt that we are tracking internet activities and even hacking individual computer systems of other governments. While we want to live in an open society where the citizens are aware and in control, there are some things that rightly should be in the "neither confirm nor deny" category. This is one of those. Why are we giving an enemy ammunition to use against us? It's just downright stupid.
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