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Where the heck did my post go?
This is one of the problems that results from having career politicians. Many in Congress are, in reality, residents of Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. If I ever find out that either of my Senators or my Representative no longer maintains a permanent residence in Texas, I will be out there talking to everybody I can about it and we will get that person replaced in the next election. Somehow, we have got to remove the political career path and return to citizen legislators. Salaries should be lowered, retirements eliminated, and terms limited. Our founders would never be able to understand what government has become.
It means anybody who ever entered this country illegally and still has a pulse. Isn't it cool how the left plays with numbers? A hundred thousand new cops, five million illegals, 97% of scientists agree, 11 million in the shadows, 250,000 gun violence victims. It just goes on and on.
On the one hand, liberals argue that corporations are not people and therefore have no rights. On the other, liberals argue that corporations that try to improve their investor returns by relocating to save on taxes are unpatriotic. How can a non-person be unpatriotic? Either they are or they aren't. Which is it?
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The Continued Farce

oldenoughtoknowsomething Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 1:58 PM
"97 percent of scientists agree" I remember ads on radio and television in the 1950's saying "nine out of ten doctors agree about. . ." No one was or is ever able to specify where these nine out of ten or 97 percent came from or who they are. It's so easy to concoct statistics and use them any way you want. It's all nonsense. Nature will do what nature will do and man is incapable of changing that. Only narcissists believe otherwise.
Worse, it appears that we also don't have a policy regarding ISIS/ISIL. It starts with policy implemented by strategy implemented by tactics. We may have a few tactics, but thus far they are very weak.
There are legitimate reasons for "let(ing) these people into our country." The problem today is that they make little attempt to adopt the prevailing societal life style. Historically, immigrants have come here to blend in and be part of society. While they did that, some of their ways also rubbed off on the rest of us. We were truly a melting pot, adopting the best ideas of all cultures and making them American culture. That's part of our uniqueness and the reason we are the remaining best hope for the world. We need to return to those days.
Our society is full of busy bodies who don't (or can't) mind their own business. Last week I read about people who object to the use of e-cigarettes. One of their complaints is that some people might use them in public and then go home and smoke real cigarettes. What business is that of theirs? We can argue about the wisdom of using any tobacco product or substitute, but what people do in their own homes is none of anybody else's business.
This site needs an edit function. That's "thousands of members". Also, "by a magnitude of".
Equivalent? The Nixon tapes dealt with an event that had little lasting effect on anybody, the Watergate break in. The missing IRS emails involved the cover up of information that prevented hundreds of organizations and their hundreds of thousands members from expressing their 1st Amendment protected political views and most likely was the difference in how a major election turned out. This is worse on a magnitude of thousands.
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