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The ABLE Act sounds laudable. However, when one considers that savings in this country are far from adequate, it doesn't make sense that they are discouraged by a number of factors, including taxation. These days, you're lucky to earn a percent or two in interest, then you end up paying half of that to the IRS and you lose the rest, and part of your original investment to inflation. Where's the point in that? So thrift goes down the drain.
Retirees on Social Security and military retirement face the same thing. The government doesn't count some necessities such as food when calculating the annual Cost of Living Adjustment. Expenses go up, resources remain stagnant.
Progressives believe that everybody does what they themselves do. If they pay their female employees less, that's ok. Everybody's doing it. If they tell a lie, that's ok. Everybody's doing it. If they cheat on their taxes, that's ok. Everybody's doing it. And on and on. It never occurs to them that maybe, just maybe, somebody isn't doing it. Progressives get away with a lot of things because no one with sufficient influence calls them out about them. So the lies continue.
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Dear Mitch

oldenoughtoknowsomething Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 12:37 PM
I hope you actually sent this letter, but I doubt that two faced McC would read it. He's a liar and a waste and we're f***ing stuck with him.
It's simple. If you must watch TV news for weather, road conditions and sports, ok, but don't waste your time on network news.
bobbuck, guess you're right. I've yet to see any articles about subjects I'm familiar with that aren't full of holes and distortions. A number like 50 is irrelevant. It could be 500 or 5 and have the same meaning. You need to be specific and show the title, source and author for each. I think you're spitting in the wind.
It's been fixed? Uh-huh! Alternate energy is NOT about the environment or improving the future or preventing climate change. It's about political cronyism and money. Period.
If we need confirmation that Judge Hanen's injunction is a good thing, we don't have to look any farther than the ardor with which the administration is fighting it. Everything these people say, every point of view they espouse tells us the opposite is the truth. Sorry, Josh, you are just irrelevant.
Of course, there's no proof whatsoever that Barrack Obama ever actually attended college. Yet it's easy to criticize Scott Walker, who actually can show transcripts for the 3 1/2 years he did attend. Bill Gates obviously could never develop a company like Microsoft. After all, he didn't go to college. Right? Guess what, folks, college degrees aren't all they're cracked up to be. Scott Walker, like Bill Gates (and others), is a doer who accomplishes things. Whether he finished his degree or not is irrelevant!
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