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"The Forgotten Collective Generation" Gets the Shaft

olddog39 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 9:49 AM
The closest we came to not passing a budget was in 1976. Congress inserted FY 7T a quarter that allowedthem to kick the can down the road for a quarter. All they did was shift the FY because they couldn't agree on a budget. Now we just use continuing resolutions- spend at the same rate as before + a little sweetener for inflation. Why do you think dirty Harry gets away with no budget? Kill all Cr's budget or close the Government down! ...And no retroactive pay for Congress!

Regardless of how the so-called "fiscal cliff" ends, one thing is clear: The combined group of Americans whose age comprises either the last few years of the "baby boom," which is said to have ended in 1963, and most of the so-called "Generation X," which followed and ended in 1984, will collectively get the worst end of a deal that, as a whole, they do not want -- when and if ever Congress and the president quit playing their games of alternative threats and capitulation.

That particular "Forgotten Collective Generation" should be mad as hell -- particularly those between...