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The Cuban Missile Crisis—Kennedy’s Second Backstab

olddog39 Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 3:48 PM
his game with the commies also led to our changing our complete budget picture. It was in 1961 that we started paying ONLY THE INTEREST on the National debt. Another Kennedy legacy people forget. Look where we are today! Only interest means more money to spend- how about the endowment for the performing arts? Where is that boondoggle in the Constitution? Then LBJ's war on poverty and now the Food Stamp President! All Democratic legacies!

That Khrushchev swept the floor with Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis was a mainstream American view throughout much of the Cold War. Nixon and Goldwater, for instance, represented opposite poles of the Republican establishment of their time.

"We locked Castro's communism into Latin America and threw away the key to its removal," growled Barry Goldwater about the JFK’s Missile Crisis “solution.”

"Kennedy pulled defeat out of the jaws of victory,” complained Richard Nixon. "Then gave the Soviets squatters rights in our backyard."

Generals Curtis Le May and Maxwell Taylor represented opposite poles of the military establishment.