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Obama Ups Bid as GOP Looks For Way Out of Crisis

olddog39 Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 5:46 PM
I think you're right. Congress should not allow continuing resolutions and should NOT FUND leftie's agenda.. If Dirty Harry refuses to pass a budget- close down the gov't. Let's have riots in the streets to protest Senate refusing to propose and pass a budget!

It's possible to have a strong hand and still overplay it. As Republicans see things, that's what President Obama is doing in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations.

In private conversation, some in the GOP appear a little sheepish about the fact that they once took the president seriously. Even though he had the upper hand after winning re-election, they thought he genuinely wanted to avoid going over the cliff and would negotiate in good faith. Then Obama sent Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to Capitol Hill with a thumb-in-the-eye offer, and Republicans got the message.

In subsequent days, Obama has not...