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Jesse Jackson's Daughter Slams Joe Biden for "Chains" Remark

olddog39 Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 5:50 AM
LBJ chained the blacks to the Demorat party back in the 60's - give them Ni**ers a little bit and they'll vote Democrat for 200 years!

Although Al Sharpton is defending Joe Biden and his "they'll put ya'll back in chains" comments, Fox News Contributor Santita Jackson, Jesse Jackson's daughter, isn't buying it. Last night on Hannity, Jackson called for Biden to apologize and take back the remarks she found to be "profoundly insulting."

Jackson's comments came just hours after former Governor of Virginia Douglas Wilder, said on Fox News' Cavuto that he was offended by Biden's comments. Wilder was the first African-American governor since reconstruction.