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Cummings should be impeached for lying to Congress himself. He'll just say he wasn't under oath!
Katie, you forgot a comma between Chairman and Rep. Jim Jordan. Otherwise it looks like Jim is chairman. Remember "I like cooking my family and my dog". Punctuation counts!
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Purple Lavender White and Colored

olddog39 Wrote: May 09, 2014 6:05 AM
A university with hypocrisy as a major! It's taught almost everywhere.
Two days? Ok, schedule him for the 23rd. Let's see him back out more than once! Then to jail!
Another issue with taxability of SS is what is included in the basis- Tax free interest gets included as well as gambling wins. The deduction of gambling losses occurs on Schedule A, not on page 1 of the 1040, so it has a greater impact on SS earnings. since the Casinos send a W2G to the IRS you cannot avoid the claim!
"Cuomo signed..." Was that a bill produced by their legislature or executive decision/order?
Wrong title! Christian group threatened by HUD, not the other way around.
Agreed! Working for the government ought to be classified as taxpayer funded as opposed to private enterprise.
The best bet is to owe the fed a few dollars on tax day so there will not be a refund to collect from.
Yet they cannot find money for security?!
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