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Suppose birth control was considered OTC but you must ask for it at the pharmacy counter and sign for it. In that case, the insurance industry wouldn't need to be involved. They don't cover OTC medications. you pay for them yourself.
Those are INTERNAL as opposed to external wars and we cannot change human nature. We just must put up the same resistance to internal evil!
Read the constitution! In the case of impeachment of the POTUS gthe presider is the Supreme Court not Harry Reid. The founding fathers had that covered.
This is much worse than the "I'll make it up as I go" comment. The bear on the loose image is scarier!
For the sake of the Country we must stop him NOW! The future depends on it!
Apparently, in a “utopian” world, restaurants would compensate their servers the same way that Chicago teacher unions compensate their rank and file: Without regard to performance, or competency. all hands together now for the Unions!
And yet they approved the term "MILF" in several instances. And this isn't offensive? I think it is much more offensive than Redskins.
Unfortunately, most politicians see the word surplus and figure it's something to spend. Instead put in a line item in the budget for debt reduction to soak up any so called surplus and then balance the budget with no spending above income at all! No COLAs.
She's a demoncrap! Just like the rest of them.
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Prosecute the President

olddog39 Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 8:18 PM
Remember the Constitution says that the Supreme Court presides over the impeachment of the President, i.e., Roberts. Harry doesn't control that featurwe. With so many Dems. worrying about reelection anything is possible.
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How to Live with Your Parents

olddog39 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 8:05 PM
One thing you forgot- If they have a small job, don't go out and blow it all on stuff for themselves. That's pouring salt into Dad's wounds when he would really like you saving to get out of the house!
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