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Don't bet on it. Minimum filing requirement is still in effect.
It's called the ballot box- don't reelect the same idiots! Vote against all incumbents and make a changeover! There will be no change if the same folks stay in office.
She HAS been elected. She is the incumbent.
Sleight of hand is the correct term. Funny thing about spell check- if there is an instance where the alternate spelling exists, it won't show as an error!
"By July 2012, according to the Census Bureau, the population of the country had grown to 313,914,040. But, according to the CDC, there were fewer babies born that year -- 3,952,841 -- than had been born in 1960 -- when the country only had 180,671,158 people." That difference can be explained by the increase in abortions and birth control.
What do you expect from the Community - organizer- in- chief!
And the RINOs say impeachment is off the table?!What is wrong with our elected representatives? They only want to protect themselves but don't care about those who put them in office in the first place.
The only reason Hamas agreed to the cease fire was to resupply their weapons! When the stockpile was completed the firing started all over again. Cease fires are useless while Hamas still exists!
And the military uniform needs to be modified to allow turbans and beards? NO WAY!
I remember being at a festival n the day before I had a colonoscopy. The smell of food was strong and I was on a fast of all solid food and on clear liquids. Suck it up! It's part of life!
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Please Stop Helping Us

olddog39 Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 5:45 AM
Those on public assistance are very loyal to the politicians who provide assistance. So it is a disguise for buying the votes!
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