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Must Read Book: How the Media Ignored the Real News to Get Obama Re-Elected

olddoc4444 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 4:53 PM
The MSM is a disgrace. Rightly or wrongly, people rely on the media to make important decisions related to abortion, the death penalty, entitlements, the welfare state, immigration, war, terrorism, etc, and ultimately who to vote for and what position to take when discussing tese issues with their peers. The media has so blatantly taken the side of one party that these judgements are badly skewed to the left. Thus they are taking a royal dump on the special status our founders envisioned for the press. I normally believe that God takes only passing interest in the petty affairs of human society. But the MSM has so badly shirked their responsibilities in this regard, that I truly think many of them will burn in Hell.

It's been a week full of liberal media bias examples, but after all, every week is full of them. We saw NBC news purposely edit another video clip smearing Second Amendment supporters in order to push a gun control agenda. This is the same agenda President Obama just happens to be pushing as he continues to single out the NRA and its members as enemy number one. The move by NBC impacted public opinion for a few hours until luckily new media, the team over at precisely, debunked the entire thing.

Although this was a case of editing...