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In med school, some metrosexual pediatrician asked what temperature constituted a fever. I raised my hand and replied "100.4 degrees". He sneeringly proclaimed "true scientists use the metric system". I responded "So when a Mom calls you and says that her child has a fever of 102 degrees, you assume the child is boiling?"
Like that is going to happen, Jeff.
So that gives democrats license to "lose" e-mails? Lois, is there nothing a democrat can do that you will not forgive?
You're hoping for a stroke? Myself, I just hope she sinks into a well deserved irrelevance- which would be her personal Hell. As far as a stroke goes, liberals seem to function without large parts of their brains all the time.
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My Free Speech College Entrance Exam

olddoc4444 Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 8:28 AM
There is one problem with the test. Liberals would lie. They never out and out proclaim that they are anti-free speech. They claim to be inclusive of all opinions, while they do all they can to silence opposing viewpoints.
After hearing that Chelsea does not care about money, and CHOOSES to work for the Clinton Foundation, I tried a google search and could not find what she earns from the foundation. Does anyone know? I have heard the foundation is quite "top heavy".
No, they are probably not like the "truly well off". They employ fewer people than the truly well off, no doubt. They likely have never had to struggle to make payroll. Their family never had to do without to make capital improvements (which are funded after tax, for most businesses). They have never been before a worker's comp arbitrator,no doubt. No, the Clintons have parlayed their noteriety into a fairly tidy fortune. So they are not like other well-off, who worked and saved and did without and put in long nights and took the risks....
If Princeton did so, their class would be mostly Asian. I guess Asians don't deserve the protection of the government.....
Does she really think that Princeton would not be a success if it accepted students based only on their objective qualifications? Wise Latina, my Aunt Fannie!
The dems are quite brazen in this matter. They know that even if they are out of the whitehouse, they need not fear setting any sort of precedent with the MSM. Because they know that if the next republican administration acts this way, they will not be issued the same pass by the media. Thus the dems act with impunity.
Why is it, with you brain-dead liberals, that any allegation against a republican is a constitutional crisis, and any against a democrat is "nothing to see here"? I will grant you, however, that Hillary's lack of integrity is indeed a "dog bites man" story...
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