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Black Abortions Matter

olddoc4444 Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 9:07 AM
I'd say the biggest threat is a white liberal with a curet....
So they have been mistaken for "the hired help"? Firstly, they are the "hired help"; in this country, despite what they think, the president works for US. I have been mistaken for the manager of my grocer's meat department, in spite of still having on my name tag that identified me as a physician (a title and position I EARNED, btw). Secondly, like it or not, successful african americans are still a bit of an anomaly. The reason for such is open to debate (and meaning no disrespect to accomplished black people), but what the Obamas have "suffered" is a mistake, not racism.
You know what , Will, if the native Americans want to try it, I suppose it is their right. And we will do our best to stop them. Conquest is a part of the human experience (Muslims seem particularly good at it). Hopefully we can find better ways today to settle these matters today. But if you wish to separate yourself from the fruits of such conquest, move to Iceland (if they'll have you). As far as I know, it is the only country that has never perpatrated or been the victim of conquest.
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Jonathan Gruber: Honest Liberal

olddoc4444 Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 11:09 AM
And it would have been better to note vote and let Dems win? I don't like it any better than you do, but by your thinking we should have defeated the Germans in WWII by helping the Japanese
The first three, amperro, could be ameliorated to some degree if we had a president who KNEW WHAT THE HECK HE WAS DOING! These groups you name are suffering because of the amount of treasure we expend on drug using dropout felons. And, btw, none of those people would do worse by practicing personal responsibility. I personally am doing pretty well now, but this was not always the case. In my life, I've been kicked in the teeth so many times I have Athlete's gums. But I have never defaulted on a mortgage, never had my car taken away by lender (but I have had to sell one to avoid that), my kids have never not had enough to eat... I've had to work multiple crappy jobs at times. Some of them turned into not-so-crappy full time employment. In my work now, I talk to employers all the time. I can tell you, if you work hard, show up on time, every time, and don't complain, you WILL stand out in today's job market.
Does anyone remember when we had to accept the OJ Simpson verdict because "that's what the jury decided"?
Will, the "reforms" attempted are just not acceptible to the majority of the citzens of this country.
Perhaps the reason that congress hasn't done anything on this is because the "anything" that the government wishes to do is unacceptible to the american people. Sure, once in a while polling about "immigration reform" might come up in favor of it, but when one picks it apart issue by issue, no one seems to want what the dems and RINOS are selling. First and foremost, a majority of Americans want to STOP THE BLEEDING! (aka enforcement first). Those whose motivation is NOT votes and/or cheap labor realize that one can "kill the goose that lays the golden eggs". And we don't trust the government to actually keep its word regarding border enforcement, even if it is written into the law (remember the border fence, the 1986 immigration reform, Gramm Rudmann, and any other promise that was made to us but cast aside as soon as it became incnvenient to the political class). If you want congress to "do" something, propose something that the majority of Americans can get behind.
Whether one can perform some legal gymnastics and delude oneself and others into believing is is constitutional is irrelevant. This country belongs to US, , not anymore to elected officials than their individual citizenship dictates. I reject the notion that achieving a narrow electoral advantage among those who bothered to vote empowers them to bargain away our national sovereignty! What they (La Raza, Obama, and the US Chamber of Commerce, to name a few) are proposing, in my mind, should require a national referendum or constitutional convention.
Is that a "dog whistle" reference to Karl Rove?
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