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Coming soon to an internet near you-the "Fairness Doctrine".
Surprising how all these grassroots, freedom-loving, Birkenstock-wearing techies have fallen into line to let the government control the greatest boon to free speech since the printing press.
Well, Will, I have an MD and a master’s degree. I have saved the lives of many. I have raised four good, law abiding, contributors to society. I have volunteered at food kitchens, habitat for humanity, mental health associations etc- i.e I do more for people than whine and try to persuade government to take the treasure of other people at the point of a gun on their behalf. And I think Cher is entitled to her opinion, but before she engages in character assassination on Twitter, she should provide a little evidence… So, Will, what have you done to earn YOUR spot on this planet?
Yeah, Sloan, we should have all voted for democrats....
Mike, I share your sentiment, but the ISIS Pu$$ies will not confront you with an open attack. More their style to bomb your kids schoolbus or your wife's beauty salon.
If rights are granted by men, the can be taken away by men- which is Cuomo's objective.
Wait , I think she is right . Lets see if they have a product we want, and then we can buy boatloads of it and flood them with cash, enough to fuel prosperity for all. Oh, wait, we have already done that..
Your evidence that refutes the cited evidence in the article?
I wish to take this opportunity to warn the public about the spectre of POWDERED WHEAT! Oh they try to hide it, but it's everywhere- in your bread, cereals, sauces, restaurant foods. I think we need to run a test- if the Obama kids can't make wheat kernels into a powder within 30 minutes, it should be banned.
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Measles, Vaccines and Autism

olddoc4444 Wrote: Feb 10, 2015 9:01 AM
Truth, no vaccine is 100% effective, nor can they be taken by 100% of any population. Herd immunity serves as effective prevention for those groups. So you see, it does not only affect you and your children. Risk of disease is a risk all humans share equally, the responsibility of preventing it should be shouldered equally as well. I really favor the government compelling as little as possible. If people would listen to doctors, scientists, and epidemiologists rather than Hollywood Starlets and plaintiff attorneys, we could realize a day when it would not need to be compelled.
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