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Karpe, I'm going to see this one. If we don't reward them when they get it right, nothing will ever change.
We can rest assured that 4 members of the SCOTUS will do exactly what they want, and maybe come up with some tortured legal logic to justify it. At least some of the remaining 5 might follow the constitution.
If we had an election here between Pol Pot and Barack Obama, I would marginally choose Barack Obama. Guard you principles during the primary. We must work within the system we have. If we have to accept some watered-down repubs while we educate people, so be it. Many stood on principle and stayed home last election- if as many had voted for McCain that time, we would be in much better shape today. I do not always agree with Romney's positions, but we passed up the opportunity to have one of the most decent, honorable men in that office in my memory. And I would take a person of honor, no matter what their politics, over what we have now.
The answer to that is, every Coloradan who loves liberty needs to get out and vote. The opposition is trying their best to get people to tune out, as they did in the last presidential election.
Ihave, I cannot agree that he ignores the constitution. Like the spoiled child that he is, he continually tests the boundaries of what he can get away with. He is very mindful of what the rules are, he just chooses to break them wherever he can.
I think Obama is an expert on the constitution like an Oncologist is an expert on cancer. An Oncologist seeks to understand cancer in order to better thwart it....
There is a commercial on TV that depicts a virtual caricature of a German. I do find it offensive. Therefore, I have stopped buying their product. But I would in no way attempt to force them to change it with the jackboot of the government. And were such a a depiction part of their trademark, I in know way would advocate stealing their asset by invalidating it.
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Hillary's Bullying the Media

olddoc4444 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 8:45 AM
Are Tea Leone and Hillary Clinton the same species?
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Do Blacks Need Favors?

olddoc4444 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 8:38 AM
But there's one thing entirely within the control of the education establishment. That is the conferral of a high-school diploma. When a school confers a diploma upon a student, it attests that the student has mastered the 12th-grade levels of reading, writing and arithmetic. If, in fact, the student cannot perform at the seventh- or eighth-grade levels, the school has committed gross fraud. Dr Williams, let's give the education establishment a chance. With enough time and money, a 7th or 8th grade reading level now will be the 12th grade reading level of the future.
Tibby, in the mind of some, everything is seen thru a sexual prism. To the simpleminded like Boxer, both products are to facilitate sex. She cannot see the distinction that one product compels hobby lobby to participate in a murder, the other a woodie.
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