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Awesome, dog. I am soooo going to steal that one.....
"thought"- my bad.
Quite right. For years I did not want to believe that someone who had lived a very charmed life provided by this country would wish to see its downfall, but it is getting hard to think otherwise. In medicine we sometimes use a discipline of thiught called Occam's Razor. Applied to patient care- when one presents with a constellation of symptoms, the single, unifying diagnosis- the one that explains all of those symptoms- is usually the correct one. Applying that to the President, the one thing that explains all of his boneheaded action is that he wishes to take this country down more than a notch.
Quite right, John. Leftists and Jihadists are uncomfortable allies in their fight to tear down society as we know it. Each thinks they will take care of the other once the goal is achieved.
This is the same bragadocio (sp?) we hear every time, and every time we put boots on the ground we kick their tails. It's only afterward, when we try to treat them like rational, adult members of civilized society, that we run into trouble.
Troll, you are wrong. Islam is a religion that is practiced peacefully by tens of millions. But violence, bigotry, intimidation, and intolerance are at its very core. The problem is, Islam has never had its Rennaisance, a Christianity did. Just remember, Christianity commits injustice when they part from the ideology. Muslims commit injustice when they follow it.
No, but he has clearly shown that he can make stupid stupider.
Six Flags has long had a "no offensive T-shirt" policy. Several years ago I took my family to Six Flags St Louis, and quite accidentally it turned out to be "Gay Day" at the park-- it was my understanding that it was not a six flags sponsored event- more like an internet generated thing. We had a great day- lines were short, the gay attendees were mostly respectful of families with children. But the no offensive t-shirt thing went out the window. Tshirts such as "Please use rear entrance", I'm shy (but I have a big ****)", and "Sorry ladies, I s*** d***" were seen.
PH, so you don't think the president has exceeded his authority? If that is the case, the rough terminology provided by MK applies to you. There is no way a truly objective observer could say he has not exceeded his authority. Just because a large number of people think its ok, does not make it right.
This was a line in a Travelling Wilburys song, but I think the saying is older than that- "In Jersey everything is legal, as long as you don't get caught"
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