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Hey, Fat Cat Unions: Pay Your "Fair Share"

Old Dawg Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 11:34 AM
Because Ed, like many other rich, fat-cats on both sides of the political spectrum, can afford to hire lawyers and accountants to shelter his income. Why else is it that the Left is so resistant to meaningful tax reform, which would include a good 1980's style scrub of the tax credit/exemption/deduction regime? ********
Message for wealth-bashing millionaire actor Ed Asner: Man up and take responsibility for lying to America's schoolchildren.

Confronted by a producer for Fox News Channel's "The Sean Hannity Show" this week, the left-wing celebrity claimed he couldn't remember "a thing (he) said" on a vile propaganda video produced and published by the California Federation of Teachers. Asner narrated the unforgettable eight-minute anti-capitalist screed geared toward children.

Think Occupy Wall Street meets Sesame Street. "Things go downhill in a happy and prosperous land after the rich decide they don't want to pay taxes anymore," Asner warbles in a folksy grandpa voice. After education reform...