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The Duck Dynasty dude, as you called him, did not say homosexuality is a crime. He said it is a sin. There is a difference.
You just explained why they weren't bragging about the 10 million.
Usually, when someone tell a cop that his taxes pay the cop's wages, he is complaining that the cop gave him a ticket for something he actually done. It's the same old "I should get by with this because I pay your wages."
Sorry, memory fail, George Jefferson lived next door to the Bunkers. The wife from Good Times worked for Maude.
His wife worked for Maude. She was Archie Bunker's cousin. For some strange reason, I have been cursed with a memory for TV shows and movies.
I would prefer a president with high self-respect. The difference being that respect, especially self-respect, must be earned.
It's not so much a slippery slope as a line drawn in the sand. When you move the line even a little bit, someone else will say, "If you can move the line, so can I."
Also, even with Stand Your Ground, it still has to be self-defense. All Stan Your Ground does is make it so you don't have to prove you couldn't see a way to escape.
About 40 years ago, my father drove a road grader for the county. The workers once chose to keep all the jobs rather than some get fired and some get pay raises.
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Stop Calling It Marriage Equality

Old Carpenter Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 11:40 AM
Your argument doesn't hold. In your last sentence you deny any special treatment because now anyone can marry someone of the same sex. But earlier you complained when everyone was allowed to marry someone of the opposite sex. it should be made clear that no G/L was ever denied the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. While there may be some argument that support gay marriage, yours is not one of them.
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