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Surprise: Obama Campaign Explicitly Approved Reid's Anti-Romney Lies

OldBroad Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 4:16 PM
I dont understand women today. I have been spporting myself all my life (andd thru 3 marriages) I have worked all kinds of jobs. I never worried about how much pay my co-workers were making. I had 2 children that were planned, so I paid for my own birth control. What is with single women and the Dems?. Has it gotten to the point where women can't exist in a relationship so they look to the gov for everything but sex? Well, wake up The gov is screwing you also. No need for contraceptives there.

Earlier this morning, Karl Rove appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss Harry Reid's reckless accusations against Mitt Romney.  In case you're just joining this controversy, the Senate Majority Leader has spent the last few days peddling a scurrilous and evidence-free claim that Romney is a serial tax evader.  Rove wondered aloud why our fraudulent post-partisan prince of a president hasn't denounced Reid:

There's a pretty straightforward...