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I am also optimistic. The left seems to be burying themselves in their same old rants. It's not working any more.
And BO thinks he is isolated from all this. Does he really think the Chinese gives a damn about him, his family (after all he has 2 girls) or his party?
The Admin talking points and campaign was worth all the lives lost, Right? Bumps in the road to win an election.
"Let them eat cake, cries King Obama!!
Yes, You could be a RINO.
Gees. Does McAuliffe think that Va voters are stupid or is it they really are?
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Something at the IRS Doesn't "Add Up"

OldBroad Wrote: May 19, 2013 9:10 PM
Since when did the IRS go Rogue? They follow orders. This came from the top. The top of the IRS or the WH? Probably both. If they think that low-level heads can be hung out to stop this, then they are not just incompetent, but underestimate the AMerican voter
As crude as tt is, it makes a good point that he local community does not want to buy a hamburger from McDonald's from someone that speaks in a language that is totally unacceptable, offensive and threatening.
No comment from him on the party that has helped put them back on the plantation. Blame the education system, but who runs that? The Union dems. And their dear leader in the WH that they voted by a 95% margin. I have no sympathy for the black communities, they have voted for black leaders that have promoted their decline, ignored familly values and kept them as slaves not by whips and chains, but welfare and free phones.
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Bloomberg and Schumer Booed at Parade

OldBroad Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 2:10 PM
The voters in NY will continue to vote for liberals and they will continue to be screwed. Do I care? Not one whit.
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