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A white cop did not kill a black man in the commission of a crime, so Obama does not care how many children are killed in Pakistan.
The Pakistani military secret police shielded the Taliban for decades, and in many ways supported the formation of the Taliban. The murder of children cannot be condoned, but this is the moral equivalent of Stalin and Hitler going at it. Two evil groups trying to kill each other, both supporting the murder of people who do not believe in Islam. The Taliban deserves to be killed off to the very last person, but hate for anything non-Islam is so great in that region, it is hard to see where the Taliban begins and ends in Pakistan.
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Slaughtered 'Sons Of Anarchy'

OldArmy Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 8:35 AM
I ride motorcycles, so I was interested in the show when it first came out. It was awful, so I stopped watching it. A member of a well known MC, a club that national crime shows on tv says is paired with Hells Angels in the drug trade, and particularly dangerous, works in my town, and on a rainy day stop at the local Denny's, the place was packed, and he came in with a local car repair shop I did business with. I offered them a seat, and eventually the subject of SoA came up. He laughed and said no, it was an awful, awful depiction of what an MC was like. What was the biggest flaw in it, I asked? "At every opportunity, they are so incredibly and unnecessarily violent and stupid," was his response. That was exactly what I thought during the two episodes I had tried to watch. Apparently, the show just got worse as it went along. I tried to watch the "wrap up" with the writer and lead actor who played Jax. After 5 minutes or so, I realized how one dimensional both seemed to me. Huh, the MC member pegged it. SoA is a benchmark in television, very, very, very bad television.
Well that did not take long. A Yankee Republican just killed any momentum any Republican candidate might have in the next election cycle. Pretty sure there is not a single conservative politician left above the Mason Dixon line save Scott Walker and Kasich. Very happy I decided a while ago all I was going to get out of these losers was mail asking me for money and then a knife in the back. Thankfully, I did not throw any money in the toilet with the "win back the Senate, Keep the House" BS this year.
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The Campus Crusade for Cash

OldArmy Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 12:32 PM
I for one am very happy Campus Crusade changed their name. Luke warm "Christians" should not be using the Name of the Savior. They don't really deserve to.
Good riddance. Hagel was a disaster as a SecDec, not serious about his primary function as SecDef, much more concerned with social agendas than defending the country. My congressman sent out a press release that said while he disagreed with Hagel on most issues, he thought him an honorable man. I do not think Hagel was an honorable man, he was a political hack who took a job that required expertise way above his abilities, a focus on the men and women in the military he never really showed, and an aptitude for military affairs that was nowhere in his life's training. An honorable man would have said, "Mr President, I am not qualified for this critical task." Not Chuck Hagel, he said, "Sure, I'll give it a whirl, it'll allow me to focus on gay and transexual issues, which are as important as fighting for our very survival." Again, good riddance to a selfish, self serving hack.
I would like a few pictures of the bureaucrats who are running this program. Wanna bet how many of them are fat (obese for the politically correct idiots), slovenly, out of shape middle aged women? Come on, lets have a look at these government employees in the DC area who get subsidized transportation to and from work, six figure salaries and automatic pay raises on top of adjusted for inflation incomes. The real obesity epidemic is not in our children, its in the federal work force. There is a reason the term "fat government bureaucrats" exist.
Same rules apply in Colorado, with the added proviso that the background checks MUST ONLY COST $10. Problem is, the local FFL doing the check cannot keep the $10 (it goes to the state) and cannot charge anything more, to cover their costs and liabilities, so virtually no FFL in the state will put his license at risk for no money. Every sheriff in the state (to include those in the luny Denver / Boulder metroplex, has said the law is pretty much unenforceable, since technically you can just drive out of state, do the transfer there without telling anyone, and drive back to Colorado. So, its a wink-wink thing now. I want to buy your pistol, we "wink wink" drove to the border, did the deal there and drove back. Of course, no one drives to the border, and guns are still being sold and traded all the time.
Read what I wrote instead of inserting what you think I wrote. While you can be a modern day career politician and a patriot, just because you are a modern day politician does not mean you are both. I said they are one and not the other, not that it is not possible to be both. And Madison and Hamilton were not 'career professional' politicians by today's standards, not by any stretch of the term. They did not receive incentives like full retirement benefits, their jobs did not give them free (or even subsidized) travel, health care, lodging and material benefits for continued employment. They were politicians, and they may have certainly used their connections to better themselves, but they did not vote themselves in, and thrive under, the mountain of pay and perks our current class 'labor' under ($110,000 per year, for the rest of your life retirement paychecks after 1 term is what a current 'professional' gets. And that is just the start).
Hugh Hewitt often misses the final effect of watershed events like this. His optimism is most often misplaced. The Republicans, he almost always asserts, will rise to the occasion, whether it is Republican voters rising up to defeat Obama in both elections, how the Republican leadership would defeat Obamacare, how Republican leadership would…… blah, blah, blah. Hewitt is the ultimate Republican party optimist. He gets all emotional about how the population will figure out just how evil this or that is and will stop it. He has been wrong on every major issues outcome since 2008. He was made to look like an idiot in his examinations in the run up to the Supreme Courts decision on Obamacare. Hugh was exactly correct in his estimation of what the court SHOULD have considered, but dead wrong on the treachery Roberts was capable of. Hugh, God Bless him is a patriot, but he assumes there is enough righteous anger and justice left in the leadership of the Republican party to fight. He is sadly just as wrong in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 as he is now. The Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader are not men who will risk everything to save the Constitution. Proof? They have already taken impeachment off the table. They are modern day career politicians, not patriots.
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