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The 92F is not a particularly robust firearm. Your preference for the Glock, or other polymers, is also shared by Special Operations Command, which can buy just about anything it wants. When I deployed (not with SOCOM) in the early days of this current unpleasantness, I smuggled in a Glock 27 with the intent of using it as a back up. Was easy to do in Iraq, but after I got out, guys were telling me things tightened up a bit. Last tour, ended up leaving Glock with a friend of mine who replaced me. Never saw it again, but that's alright.
Its more than just firearms. While manufacturing in the US is declining as a percentage of GDP, the East Coast's (New England and the Mid Atlantic) share of what is left is smaller than it has ever been, and no new industries are being started. Beretta moved to the US as part of a political deal (the US Military was forced to take the Beretta as our service firearm) with the Italian government that traded access for the Navy to Italian ports for a foothold in the US for better access to the US market. The Japanese moved a great deal of automobile manufacturing here after the tsunami that devastated their nuclear power industry, but all of that manufacturing moved to the South, not the North, East or West's traditional manufacturing areas. Politically, Maryland is much closer aligned with the politics of New England and Washington, DC than the South, (as are the Northern states and California). Those regions have shown incredible hostility to manufacturers in the last couple of decades, and manufacturers are leaving as their existing manufacturing base decays. Why rebuild in those areas? Sikorsky is moving out of New England, GE aircraft left a long time ago, and the list goes on. The reason you don't hear about larger manufacturing firms leaving is….. most have already left.
Anyone who thinks the black culture in this country is tolerant is delusional. Its not just that she is an actress, supposed to be on the left that drives this. She broke ranks with the montra of blacks hating whitey (think I'm off base, just listen to a Chris Rock comedy routine when he says "We hate white people, and listen to the thunderous applause), and Romney is seen as the whitest of white people. Most of the violence laced vitrol she is facing is coming from the "black community," which has a very, very bigoted mindset. The ultimate, "if you are not for us, you are against us" mind set.
Its bigoted to tell a white person you can use the "N" word, but he can't, that you can call Mexicans lazy, but no one can call you lazy, and the list goes on. The black community in this country demands the rest of us treat them with kid gloves while they unleash the likes of Wright, Farakhan, Van Jones, Jackson and the list goes on. Time to start calling these race mongers on their hate speech.
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Oh My: The Brutal Post-Debate Focus Group

OldArmy Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 10:25 AM
The focus group was white, middle class. No one in the Obama-phone class is represented here. Interesting that the focus group does not represent the majority of Americans, the under-educated masses, illiterate and over-dependent groups who just want what someone else has......
And none of this will make any difference to the Obamaphone voters. They have not heard of Benghazi, do not know what continent it is in, do not know an ambassador was killed, and embassy overtaken, and that safe houses were compromised. They do not know what Al Qaida is, don't care, have no idea who is running for president against Obama, that he pays a dog sitter 102,000 a year with tax dollars, they think Fast and Furious is a video game, and have no idea how many branches of government there are. They just know "Obama get me this hear phone so I gonna vote for him. Ebby body else is white, and dey wanna diss me by taking my Obamaphone away."
Democrats know best people. All the animal's are equal, some just more than the others. The idiots voted this party into power, and the pigs now control the farm.
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When Students Cheat Liberals Retreat

OldArmy Wrote: Sep 15, 2012 10:09 AM
Solving cheating on exams by creating standardized testing eliminates independent thought in education (the abomination that is "No Child Left Behind" is the most obvious example of this), how can that be a good revolution. And by focusing on fixing cheating at at the END of the educational process (the exam), completely ignores that MOST cheating occurs on those activities associated with LEARNING (term papers and other research, and RESEARCH is where LEARNING occurs). Stupid idea, rediculous construct and totally oblivious to actual EDUCATION.
and wondering just how they could have missed the pure and hateful nature of the woman when they were first attracted to her..... This woman is a "1 A.M, I've had 4 too many and can't find my glasses," experience. Even after the hangover is gone, you still have involuntary shudders......
The reason no adult involved did anything is the legal system in this country would ensure the loss of employment, all your assets and reputation the instant that person attempted to discipline (or even defend themselves) from the brats.
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