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McDonalds' is run out of Chicago or some other inanely inbred city, with execs who have never had a day running a restaurant or a coffee stand, insisting on making phenomenally expensive upgrades to their "restaurants, to no real effect on the consumer. The real problem for McDonalds, as a corporation, is if they want to implement technological changes to how they do business, the expense is going to be incredible, and will take years to implement. If you have stock in Micky D's, now is the time to sell, because the stupidity of the current management will make the cost of real change to their physical plant almost impossible to implement.
Sorry, but DWS is the poster child for shrill, vindictive, hateful petty, overly obsessed with having someone else buy her clothes, and appears deranged pretty much all the time….. But in our politically correct environment it is sexist to attribute all of those to a woman, even without using the "B" word, but the shrew is all woman, just with an extra dose, apparently, of post menopausal psychotic flashes.
A similar measure was passed in Colorado. We all found ways around it, Sheriffs refused to enforce parts of it, and the politicians who sponsored for it were recalled and lost. The law is still on the books, and forms the baseline for "tweaks" later, that will enable some future politicians (Democrats) to make it more odious. Washington is a very liberal state. I personally don't care it they screw themselves sideways on this issue. Let the morons pass this, live with it, learn to how to get around it and maybe the next time they get led to the promised land by the Democrats they will understand that party is all about taking what you have and selling it for their own pleasure. Bill Gates has a security force that would make most small towns police forces look pitiful by comparison. He does not give a damn what your security problems are, he has his.
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Are ISIS Fighters Learning to Fly Jets?

OldArmy Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 1:11 PM
The US military is fully aware of what ISIS is capable of. The President is the problem.
Actually, this is pretty standard. In the Reserves, you cannot be punished under UCMJ for offenses committed while not on in service (being paid for time on duty). While he might have been tested while on duty (he might also have just been told to get a drug test at a clinic while not on duty, and the clinic would submit the results), there is almost no way to prove he did the cocaine while on active duty (unless he was on an extended active duty period). So, the only real option left to the Navy was to administratively discharge him, and administrative discharges are just that, administrative. They carry no punitive (or judicial) ramifications, and without a conviction, a bad conduct discharge discharge is legally not possible.
He noted that Frieden is also dealing with flu season……. Good Lord Almighty, Barrack Obama an arrogant, uncaring megalomaniac, propped up by a political machine that shares his personality traits and worships at the alter of stupidity.
Big surprise, a Democrat wants to get some creeds for a run for office, waits until his president has pulled troops from just about every combat theatre, 13 years after the War on Terror began, puts in for waivers, applies for a non combat assignment, and gets nailed on a drug test almost as soon as he gets commissioned (the timeline is incredible, the guy is in for less than a year, is kicked out because of a drug test administered almost a year ago…..). What an idiot.
Its Illinois, a basket case of a state. Corrupt Chicago politics run the state, a political apparatus that most people who are from Chicago happily support, because its how they get income redistribution in everything from permits to operate a business to whose street gets plowed first. The initial concept of states in the United States was that each one would be a separate laboratory for how to implement individual freedoms. Illinois was one of the first states to throw that concept under the bus and demonstrate how a crime family (the Democrat party) could take over a state.
You are a numb nuts then. I was not talking about the difference between a good life and a not so good life, I was talking about the difference between rich and middle class. You seem to be part of the country that has determined that anything about 200 grand a year is rich. Al Gore is rich, he has millions, Harry Reid is rich, he has millions, Nancy Pelosi is rich, she has millions. I am an excellent financial manager, I am debt free and retired early. But that does not mean I was, or am rich, as Pryor infers. The middle class is supposed to be a very large segment of the American experience. What Pryor, and you, seem to think is that we should narrow down the range of salaries that define the middle class. Just 6 years ago, Obama, Pelosi and Reed were telling us that the middle class stopped at $250K a year, and every body above that was rich. Why did they say that? Class warfare and taxes. Now they are dumbing it down to 150 to 200K. Next it will be 100K. The narrower the middle class, the more people they have to attack with class warfare. Congratulations dimwit, you are their target audience.
Hmmm. $150,000 to $200,000 will net you something like $100,000 to $140,000 from the feds, then you have to pay state taxes, Obama Care, heating and electric costs, property taxes, car registrations, gas taxes, commuting costs, communications taxes and fees, yada, yada, and you are left with? Lets see, if you have three kids, and are saving for their college, having to pay for a mortgage or rent, and all the rest of the family expenses, you are left with a grand or so to invest in your retirement per month, maybe two. So that is the TOP end of the middle class in Arkansas? Everybody above that is rich? I have made more than $150K a year, and while its a good life, it sure did not feel like being rich, CAUSE IT WASN'T RICH, it was not even CLOSE to being rich. Families are EXPENSIVE Pryor, and the government makes them MUCH more expensive to feed, house and to prepare for their futures. Rich is not $200,001 per year. It is not even close.
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