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Its time for writers like Hewitt to realize the United States is comprised of 40% or more of people who think just like Obama. His approval ratings are in the mid to high 40's. Those people do not care if the United States survives, they don't care about IS, ISIS, or ISIL, they don't care about anything but their government handouts. They do not believe the United States downfall will affect them at all. It is positively insane, but they really believe this is going to go on forever, regardless of what happens in the Middle East, or Europe, or Asia, or Africa. 40% of the population are truly the ignorant masses. No getting thru to them, no talking to them, no rationalizing with them about the dangers we face. They.want.their.check.
In Colorado, the sale of certain types of magazines were banned, and no new magazines that violated the state law could be purchased on line. Every body just had their friends and relatives buy them in other states and send them to Colorado. Then every sheriff in the state refused to enforce the ban on new magazines, and the only guys left out in the cold were Colorado merchants.
Its Iowa, the Democrat is going to win, because the people of Iowa could care less about terrorists, they care that the "process" of government by Democrats is followed; Democrats do not do anything to hold any minority accountable.
Great Britain will do next to nothing about this. Cameron is playing to the press. His biggest problem will be focusing on the aftermath of the Scottish independence vote, whichever way that goes. If the Scotts vote for independence, whats left of Great Britain will be faced with a potential devaluation of the pound, and a bit of chaos for a year or so. He has almost no ability of affect the outcome in Syria and Iraq with out the US, and he knows full well his people have come to the conclusion BHO is a very unreliable ally and has no strategy. The Brits will now diplomatically make a show, but that is it.
Denver is going to vote for Udall anyway. Said it before, taxpayer supplied Obama phones and a government check each month mean more to the majority of big city voters than anything else.
How is it that a minority of the country saw this coming 6 years ago and that so many in the country fail to see this clearly now? And how is it that there is no clear message coming from the Republicans on an alternative to this? Most of us want to hear a true alternative to this debacle, not the "we are not them" non-message coming from the pachyderms. Polls are useful, but if you put a poll up beside this one on the question, "Do you think the Republicans have a strategy to fix this?", you'd get negative numbers like Obama's.
The voters in Boulder, Denver and Pueblo will ensure that Udall is elected to a second term. They could give a damn about two murdered journalists, ISIL or the terrorist threat. They want their amnesty and their free Obama phones.
God made man, Samuel Colt made men equal
Sure, lots of people deserve to die just like that….. they are all in ISIS…..
Remember, he's only appalled if its true. And this is the guy who is only upset when someone is killed if "they could look like his son or daughter." Foley does not look like his fictional son or real daughter, so…...
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