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Foxfire, Lack of knowlege about what the he is saying is not bliss.
Would that be as Ali bammy the purmanant state of ignorance?
Why is it that the Conservative mindless ones worry about the thoughtful liberal minds.They should be looking for their's and how to have useful positive thought.
That was Fox Sports. There is no Fox News as far as I Know.
Yes and you are part of the toxic waste. My new health insurance is just great. You wouldn;t know the truth if you ever did decide to hear it.
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Rand Paul Answers Plagiarism Allegations

OL1 Wrote: Nov 06, 2013 12:37 PM
I realize Rand Paul wants and needs the integrity standards lowered for him. He wouldn;t be nearly as prolific if he used his own thoughts or stuck with accuracy standards. Political careers have been damaged or ended in the past for less. He dearly needs to have the liberal media stop nitpicking his speeches and accept them as fact as his believers do.
Are you an anti american confederate Parasite?
Don;t buy it. You have ignorance and denial free of charge. The know Nothing wing of the Republican Party is alive and well.
I love disasters like this. I signed up in about 50 minutes and saved $1300 per year. I love OBAMACARE as millions of moderate income americans soon will.
What bebate? That's over or haven't you heard.?
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