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Balanced Budget? Lower Taxes? Anyone Believe this Will Happen?

OL1 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 6:43 PM
Do you pathetic loons do any thing productive, when your not crying about loosing your country to the intelligent black guy. I'm currently enjoying my career and every minute of these EIGHT glorious years. I make over $100,000.00 an really want to pay for what I want and use. The problem is you don't want to pay YOUR COST TO THE COUNTRY. Stop bitching about everybody else and look at yourself as the problem, not the answer.

Government Executive reports House passes balanced budget bill.

The House on Wednesday passed legislation that directs President Obama to submit a balanced budget plan to Congress this spring.

Require a Plan Act (H.R. 444) compels Obama to submit a supplemental budget by April 1 if his fiscal 2014 budget blueprint does not include a plan to balance the government’s books. That supplemental budget would outline a long-term deficit reduction strategy and timeline for...