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Muslim integration into free societies is nothing short of stealth jihad as the islamists pursue their goal of a global Caliphate. Obama, being one of them (by his own admission), facilitates that jihad at every opportunity. By his reckoning, the Global War with Terrorists is over, so let's make nice with our former adversaries. Right! But he reckons wrong. Since the long awaited Caliphate requires that all non-Muslims -- men, women, children -- convert to Islam, are enslaved by Muslims, or are killed, the GWT will not stop until those goals are achieved by the Muslim jihadists. There is, however, another possible ending to the GWT, but nobody seems willing to talk about it. The GWT will be over when every militant Muslim jihadist -- man, woman, child -- is dead. Short of one of those two scenarios coming to pass, the GWT will rage on with ever-increasing pain and suffering throughout the world.
Sounds logical to me: Eric's boss is one of 'em.
What an absolutely stellar way to thank those who stood beside us in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have lots of streets in Jackson, MS named after Barry & his boys and girls: One Way.
They're going to lose another one when my contract runs out or I can find another provider who will pay my penalty. We've already signed up for a much cheaper alternative that provides real service -- not 50% online shopping 25% multiple transmissions of the same program, 10% foreign language, and 10% unsuitable content programs. That leaves about 5% of the more than 200 stations that I can watch. Fie on you, Dish Network!!!
Those inconsiderate and uncouth jerks should rest in peace in a corner of that cemetery . . . permanently.
It's not our form of government that's the problem, it's the crooks we send to Washington who misuse the power that form of government provides. We should send 'em packin' when the liars show their true colors. But we don't. Maybe we can start with Boehner; I guess we'll see tomorrow.
No American Patriot would have released such a report to the public at this or any other time. But the Obamanables, led by George Soros, seek to take down this country, and throwing the CIA report to the wolves (our enemies) only serves to further weaken us. It neither amazes for surprises me that this administration promulgated such a one-sided and partisan report while refusing to cooperate with Americans seeking information about such things as Benghazi, NSA snooping, IRS discrimination, Fast and Furious, etc., ad infinitum. It appears likely to me that this report of past abuses during a Republican administration was issued for the primary purpose of taking the heat off Obama as his numbers continue to tank.
The question in the headline is probably a moot one. Obama will surely have declared amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants long before the do-nothing Senate can consent to Barry's current choice for the new AG.
Way to go, Big John! YOUR chickens are coming home to roost -- since you've been such a stout supporter of the Prince of Pennsylvania Avenue.
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