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We really don't care what "they" call us or what "they" say any longer.
And the IRS can return all the equipment, arms, and ammo they've amassed lately. Side benefit - saving thousands of pulp trees - we'll get the greenies in on this band wagon too. :)
Here is a silver lining for us: The missteps related to the IRS b.s. fuels the arguments to either abolish the IRS or to reform it so drastically that it is totally transparent and accountable. Personally I am for the Fair Tax to replace 99% of the IRS mission, personnel, rules, and on and on.
Trey Gowdy for Senate next time around!!! I wonder who he could replace?
Well, he has had PLENTY of practice these last few years, with the backing of his president.
Hope McConnell sees this as his last hurrah. And then maybe, maybe goes after his Senate associates and exposes all. Don't think it is in his nature but we can hope.
RJ, you are the kind other states will welcome. But remain aware that most CA exiles don't know any better and do indeed bring their left-thinking ways with them when they migrate.
Wonder why the FBI SAIC felt compelled to ad "—and an unfortunate blow to the worthy intentions of unionism" to his statement. That shows a definite bias on his part. It's a wonder that the FBI made any move at all against union tyranny.
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Bury Their Purple Hearts at Ft. Hood

OK_Sam Wrote: Jan 11, 2014 3:12 PM
Has hillary weighed in on this one? Didn't think so. Wouldn't she make such a great leader - of something . . .
Place a "bag" over your head and inhale big tex. You're an embarrassment to your state as well as being an illogical thinker.
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