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Absolutely Burger! At the same time the influx should be stopped immediately.
Also the woman named Gregoire, or similar, in Wasington state.
Wait just a minute here!!!! The IRS does NOT have their own money - they only have OURS! Why should we citizens pay anything for the wrongdoing of individual civil servants or managers? This is ridiculous. I believe the wronged organization deserves compensation, but take it from the people who did the crime. Come on America, how long are we going to stand for this bs?
We really don't care what "they" call us or what "they" say any longer.
And the IRS can return all the equipment, arms, and ammo they've amassed lately. Side benefit - saving thousands of pulp trees - we'll get the greenies in on this band wagon too. :)
Here is a silver lining for us: The missteps related to the IRS b.s. fuels the arguments to either abolish the IRS or to reform it so drastically that it is totally transparent and accountable. Personally I am for the Fair Tax to replace 99% of the IRS mission, personnel, rules, and on and on.
Trey Gowdy for Senate next time around!!! I wonder who he could replace?
Well, he has had PLENTY of practice these last few years, with the backing of his president.
Hope McConnell sees this as his last hurrah. And then maybe, maybe goes after his Senate associates and exposes all. Don't think it is in his nature but we can hope.
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