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Rand Paul's Paleo Problem

Oilpatch Mercenary Wrote: Jul 18, 2013 1:16 AM
I will assure all concerned that Murray Rothbard did N-O-T write the racist diatribes in Ron Paul's newsletters. Murray was a personal friend of mine and I knew his style too well not to recognize it. And I never knew him to ever justify a position on racial grounds. Additionally, Murray was the only old-rightist isolationist that I ever knew who could grasp proposals to extricate the USA from foreign entanglements. (That is why he was fond of my anarcho-imperialist doctrine.) The rest of them, Paul Senior especially, went into instant denial over anything that might actually work. The same type of myopia prevailed around the right of secession---a natural right of all human beings. An inability to articulate what secession really was led to recruitment of some undesirables. I had hopes that Paul Junior could break out of the impasse. I fear that he cannot.