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Oilpatch Mercenary Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 10:15 AM
And from the past: When I left Vietnam the last time in Nov 1970, we had a victory in hand. The Viet Cong insurgency was kaput and the North Vietnamese regulars ineffectual. The only problem was the fact that the US needed combat boots on the ground to keep things that way. This was because the Ho Chi Minh Trail remained uninterdicted. Leaving the 1st Cavalry Division as a strategic reserve for the next 10 years would have done the trick. Again the public was not told, thought all was lost and the Vietnamese we could count on were abandoned. And certtain Americans rejoiced. We need a thorough housecleaning.
HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- When our Fox News team left for Afghanistan last week, there was a palpable sense of imminent calamity in the air. Gloom and doom news from here is now a staple in our so-called mainstream media. Reports of "green-on-blue," or insider, attacks by our Afghan allies against American and NATO troops are depicted as a sure sign of mission failure and portend of worse to come. Commentaries, columns and "analysis" from "experts" urging our political and military leaders to "get out now" routinely grace our print and broadcast outlets. The terms "betrayed," "cut our losses" and "minimize...