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Congo Complexity Will Test U.N. Offensive Peacekeeping

Oilpatch Mercenary Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 2:39 AM
To prevent that very bad precedent ( making the UN into a supra-national government with a standing Army); hire mercenaries. There are certainly present-day versions of Denard and Hoare who can qualify. Members of national armed forces can be given leaves of absence in order to participate. Just like the Flying Tigers were. So forth and so on. Mercs operate under an explicit contract to accomplish explicit goals within an explicit time frame and then their formations are disbanded. Problem(s) solved. Thank you for your time and thank Col Bay for illuminating something the public needs to know about.
On March 28, the U.N. Security Council approved the creation of a war-making-peacekeeping unit, a "specialized intervention brigade" designed to destroy the vicious rogue militias that plague the Democratic Republic of Congo's chaotic eastern provinces.

You won't find the oxymoron "war-making-peacekeeping" in U.N. Security Council Resolution 2098's published text; the oxymoron's truth is much too blunt for gun-shy diplomats. Careful euphemisms like "neutralize" and "disarm" camouflage the order to rid poor and suffering Congo of paramilitary gangsters. The resolution avoids edgy but much more on-the-ground honest verbs like decimate, destroy and eliminate.

But the word games end and the commitment to...