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Republicans Plan Vote on Clean Debt Ceiling Hike

oi812 Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 7:43 PM
every time you lower tax RATES the government has gotten more tax REVENUES. You need to remember the last budget year of Bush was not signed by Bush because Pelosi wanted more spending-so they did a CR until after the election and Obama signed it with all the goodies. Also you need to adjust that last year due to TRAP. We spend almost 1 trillion buying stock to bail out Banks. So you debt cash, which shows up as spending but you credit your balance sheet with an asset that you sell down the road for a profit. The profit came in under Obama so you got more cash revenues but he spent it plus an extra trillion on top of that
During a strategy retreat to Williamsburg, Virginia, leadership in the House GOP caucus took the opportunity to rally Republicans around a short-term debt ceiling increase that would come without any significant movement on deficit reduction.

House Republican leaders Friday offered President Barack Obama a three-month reprieve to a looming, market-rattling debt crisis, backing off demands that any immediate extension of the government's borrowing authority be accompanied by stiff spending cuts.

Republicans hadn't settled on full details, but the measure would give the government about three more months of borrowing authority beyond a deadline expected to hit as early...