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he ran on this issue-he said he was going to fix it back in 2009. At what point do YOU say the ball is in his court. Do you blame Bush for the last 6 years since Obama knew about problems, not just these, in the VA
Sorry folks they can do what they want and you can not stop them-and they know it. Your only hope is the MSM informs the sheep so they demand something happen-but that will never happen
When does Dancing with the Stars start it new season?
If you are for gay marriage please tell me what your limiting principle is regarding marriage. If your standard is just that two people love each other then can a father marry his son, if they both love each other?
I am not for gay marriage. I believe the State has a right to promote what is best for children since that is where your future lies. I believe there is a difference between men and women and each bring something unique to the raising of a child. Every child deserve the chance to have both a mother and a father and to people of the same sex just because they love each other will never replace what the two sexes bring. I thought the SCOTUS during the DOMA ruling stated that IF a State allowed gay marriage then the Fed would recognize it as well. I never heard them say that States must allow gay marriage. I think all these judges are wrong and the SCOTUS should hear these cases ASAP and make a ruling. I do not think it looks good for the non gay marriage case, which makes me sad
Sorry to say but this debate is over. Far to many judges have now allowed gays to marry in States that banned it. Even if you get a ruling from the SCOTUS that States have rights to define marriage you have too many to already did when these Federal judges allowed the ban to be lifted.
What is funny is the earth warmed faster during the first half of the 1900's and the last half had an increase of CO2 but the earth warmed slower. The data does not back up their theory/models. It is all a joke
take some time to watch this video and share it with everyone you know-the data does not back up the claims of AGW
it should be called man made up global warming
Ever notice how the left always looks at a person's color or sex when they make a judgement on their motives. When will they start following MLK dream. Racism will never end as long as the left keeps telling minorities they can never get ahead in life. Tell a person he looks sick long enough and he will become sick. If I were black and was constantly told by the left I could not make, I would never try. The problem is not that they are black but 70% come from single parent households. You can't win if you don't try
When they ruled on DOMA I thought the SCOTUS ruled "IF" a State allowed gay marriage then the Feds would recognize it. I did not think they said States must allow gay marriage. This issue should have been decided with the California case but their AG and Governor would not defend the vote of the people when it was going through the courts so the SCOTUS could throw it out due to lack of standing
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