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By far the best video explaining why AGW is wrong http://youtu.be/0gDErDwXqhc
They had one debate in the Western part of the State, which was not covered by any TV since they had agreed on more debates. Udall got his butt handed to him and now will not debate anymore. The liberal Denver Post will not hold him accountable for it. Will be a close race which means the dead vote might win it for Udall
to make things fair the government will pass a law forcing some viewers to watch cable shows other than Fox
Bill Clinton was talking about WMD's when Bush was still in Texas and tell that to the Kurds that were gassed. Then TARP saved banks from going under and the Fed made money when it sold their bank stock. You may not want to be at war with them but they are at war with you. You can either fight back or wait till they hit us here. Islam has been on the march since it's founding. Read up on what Mohammed and his followers did when it started back in the 700's
You will never get 51 Senators to vote for force or self deportation. This will never happen. If you focus on a system that will expose all the illegals that are here now and those that will try to come later you need to know what you will do with the 16 million that are here now? If you do not expose them all then you do not have a good enough system. Since removal of these folks will never be an option then you must grant some type of legal status once you expose them. If you do not allow some type of legal status then real enforcement will never start. So you can demand removal which means no real enforcement and our borders remain open OR you can focus a a system that will work but sort out the ones you expose and grant some type of legal status
What do you get when you follow the founder of Islam? Violence, theft and under age wives. Hey all religions are the same because their followers are flawed people
The problem is you can not force or self deport all these people. You will never get 51 Senators to go along with such a plan. You need to expose all these people that are here now and have a system that will expose all that come later. Your problem is what to do with them once you expose them. Since deportation is not an option then nothing gets done solving the problem. If you try to put in place a plan that would expose all of them and grant legal status the right lights of the Congress phone lines and you end up with NO enforcement
We need to implement a system that will expose border crossers and over stayed visa. Those that are here now and those that will try to come later. This is where the debate should be. Once you have that fool proof system you then need to decide what you are going to do with everyone you expose. You can never get 51 Senators to agree to self or force deport all the people that are here now. So you must grant some type of legal status to some/most of those that are here now. If you do not grant legal status then you will never get 51 to agree to fix the enforcement system as to expose everyone. PLEASE focus on the system that will never allow this to happen again but give up on demanding all must be deported
Obama was told this would happen if he pulled all the troops out. Now you have a big mess. Dems lost the Vietnam war when we had it won and the Dem Congress stop funding it. Sad all the effort of the surge was just thrown away to make Obama look good
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Leading From Behind -- Way Behind

oi812 Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 5:14 PM
Pull out of Iraq and leave a vacuum so all the sacrifice of our troops gets thrown away. How this country can still approve of this fool is beyond me. I hate to think that 51% of my fellow citizens are really this stupid. How I wish we had an adult who knew how to manage large, complex institutions like Romney could have. America you made one big mistake with this jerk
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