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until the MSM holds him/them accountable nothing will change. They know that they can say and do anything they please and get by with it.
problem is he is still the majority leader-tells you the shape of this country
next time run a better candidate, you had your chance few years back but ran poor candidate against his union machine
you need to have candidates that can win. Cruz could not win in Maine and Collins can not win in Texas. You need to have candidates that can win in their States
why should anyone be forced to buy you birth control pills. I am against abortion since I believe you are ending a human life. 100% of scientist tells you the fetus is a living human. Now if you want to end the life of that human then you can since the courts made a silly ruling back in the 70's but please do not ask me to help you pay to do the crime
that might work for the delay in Obamacare but it will not work for the amnesty granted for the Dreamers. The press will eat you alive on that one
It comes down to the press-if the GOP stands and fights the media will still control the narrative. This is just the reality the GOP must play the game
It does not matter if a GOP President gets elected. It comes down to the press. They will say nothing about Obama but will rip a GOP President. Just look at the never ending body counts when Bush was in office. Once Obama came into office the nightly body counts stopped. This is the main reason the Shutdown did not or will not work for the GOP. They control the narrative and more than 51% of the folks get their news from the MSM
We can all come up with ways to remove 15 million people. From forced deportation or enforcement that creates self deportation. The problem is not how to do but if you can do it. I see no way politically to remove these people. If you have true enforcement, which should be the number one goal, then you will expose all the illegals. Now what do you do with them. I see no way of getting enough votes in Congress and the WH to have this happen with the press fighting you every step of the way. Imagine all the stories about a 30 year old that was brought here as children or the riots/protest that would erupt. This just will not happen. The only path forward is to focus on enforcement that prevents this from ever happening again. This might not be the reality we like but the one we must deal with. The longer we wait the more that come
Sure hope Cruz does not want to try another shutdown that the GOP can get blamed for. Not a smart way of winning elections, running off the 16% of the non base you need
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