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Probably not by those who are doing them.
Taxes restricts freedom. It is another form of control.
At least you aren't pretending to be a conservative.
You aren't answering the question. Why would you tax it? It's not the conservative position. You are a conservative, right?
...good reason to keep it illegal. Taxes it or regulating it is not a conservative position and no conservative would recommend it. Let be truly free and it will be made illegal again if the damage it does is as great as it appears it will be.
Legalizing drugs is not the conservative position. While it is true that drugs are a states rights issue it doesn't necessarily follow that they should be legalized. It certainly isn't a constitutional right. While conservatives are also for personal responsiblity, they that there are situations where society as the whole needs to be protected from those who show no responsibility before those people actually harm someone. Nearly all illegal narcotics fall into this category. It is possible to make a case the marijuan does not and as distasteful as I find it, I could handle watching it legalized if those who use it would actually be held accountable for their actions. There is no evidence this will happen, but that's still not a...
Law, why would you tax them? That doesn't sound like a conservative position to me.
Could you make the same argument for all controlled substances?
I guess for max consumption, self identified is a good way to conduct the poll. I wonder how many Christians as defined by Christi now support it.
I'm bored. The mariners don't start for an hour.
So which is it? Do republicans believe in capitalism or not?
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