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Facebook's Expatriate and the Senate's Demagogues

ohmusgo Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 10:48 AM
I applaud Edware hopefully enough will follow him until idiots like Schumer and Casey learn that you can't punish the producers with an excessively high tax rate. Sounds to me like these morons want to turn us into an East Berlin with their you can't leave policy. Also, if Edward should be punished for breaking no laws then the likes of Schumer and Casey should be shot for their traitorous activity against the Constitution.
calhar Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 4:37 PM
ohmusgo just how do you justify your thinking that these two facebook clowns can be classified as "producers".You apparrently are another one of the fuzzy thinkers in MY country.Tell me just what did they produce??????????Other than writing a web site for people to talk about themselves.These two conned a bunch of dummies to buy a stock that has already dropped almost 25% in value in just a couple of weeks.Producers earn money not steal it! ! ! !

As the son of one American immigrant and the father of another, I find it hard to muster much empathy for Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and his decision to renounce his US citizenship.

Saverin, who was born in Brazil and brought to this country as a child, turned in his American passport last year and moved to Singapore; it is widely assumed that he did so to reduce the taxes he would otherwise have to pay on the billion-dollar gains generated by Facebook's IPO. Saverin denies, not very convincingly, that his expatriation was motivated by tax considerations. "His decision had...