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Wanted: The Democratic party is seeking applicants to fill an executive position as party leader, commander-in-chief, and leader of the free world. Only lying weasel buffoons need apply.
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Liberals’ Skewed View of Conservatives

Ohiolad Wrote: Jan 06, 2014 3:39 AM
Frankly, I think that all registered Democrats should have their guns confiscated. People who vote Democrat account for most of the gun violence in the country, and from what can tell nearly all the mass shootings recently have been committed by leftists. Clearly they are a violent bunch, always quick to reach for a gun whenever they get upset, which they seem to be all the time.
More classic projection from the American-hating left.
Whatever differences libertarians might have with social conservatives, they pale in comparison with the differences both have with the progressive RINO ruling class establishment who actually control the party apparatus and who are complicit with the Democrats in the ruin of this nation. If libertarians and conservatives cannot join forces to wrest control of the GOP, then the country will continue to drift further away from a constitutional republic toward dictatorship.
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Priebus Takes on Media Bias

Ohiolad Wrote: Aug 07, 2013 2:07 PM
This is the usual pat answer given by the RNC with which I disagree. We are talking about primary debates which should be directed at likely Republican voters for the purpose of choosing a Republican nominee. The leftist MSM networks should play no role in this. It is counterproductive to allow their usual biased questioning to tip the scales toward their favorite candidate at the expense of the more conservative candidates. As far as I am concerned, all the primary debates could be held on Fox or C-span.
There have been so many experts who have looked at Obama's alleged birth certificate and who consider it as having far too many discrepancies to be a genuine copy of the original and so must have been tampered with. Diana West is absolutely correct in thinking that it shows just how far we have fallen as a people that because of some sort of political correctness everyone, even nearly all the conservative pundits we normally agree with, are completely terrified of pointing out this obvious and really inarguable fact. The document offered up very reluctantly two years ago is a forgery. But no one is going to do anything about it.
A long-kept secret is that claiming Native American ancestry for people applying for university faculty jobs is common. This is viewed as a resume enhancement, particularly at the more prestigious, more liberal colleges, where the useful idiots who make up the left-wing faculty are particularly susceptible to fall for this approach, tending to get all teary-eyed thinking about the past discrimination of Native Americans. Being also a woman is a two-fer where two boxes can be checked off in the affirmative action scorecard. It's just another scam that liberals have dreamed up and are fond of playing.
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