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While I pray that not one single US service man will be hurt in this operation, it should be noted that Russia has sold to Syria anti ship missiles that are capable of sinking ships when fired from inside of Syria. How would obbammy explain the loss of a few Destroyers with their crews? I wonder how much WW III will cost and just to help the taliban take over Syria.
Need to complete the sentence immediately before barry gives him a pardon. Drown him in pig blood!
piers does not want more gun control, he just wants our guns. That is his idea of gun rights. Maybe it is time Ted Nugent visits his show again, that shuts him up for a few weeks when Ted gets done with him.
joy behar must be really stupid she made the list three times! Although obbammy could have provided all 25.
He should be shot, what he did used be against the law, before political correctness took over.
Maybe the goal of hollywierd is to keep conservatives away from this movie, there by letting libtards crack on the Reagan family?
Absolutely correct a little slight of hand and everyone will forget Benghazi I really want to know where are the Antonio West Rallies going to be held? The half white obungle could have had a son that just looked just like Antonio West, but no media uproar for a white baby murdered by two teenagers of african decent!
The "birth certificate" has been proven to be fake.
Yes they did have lots in common both drug addicts. Why doesn't he acknowledge the white baby murdered by 2 black thugs because hus mom did not give money to them?
I find it hard to believe that harry reid has nothing better to do than stand up and say the DOJ needs to investigate the Zimmerman trial. (see Link) How about correcting the Benghazi mess or the Fast and Furious mess first? Or maybe some of that voter fraud? Seems like they are hoping for riots so they can scream martial law and bring in those Russian troops.
Glad she quit, now she can compete in an ugliest lesbian contest with rachel madcow.
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