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Well he probably collects welfare too, sittign at his mom's home and smokes pot all day. Dreaming of the day he can meet barry and soros.
I've got to call BS on this judge even considering this case. I am sure that factory has been there longer than some of the folks who have chosen to move into this area. Reminds me of a developer in NC near Fort Bragg. People bought homes cheap enough but then realized the US Army Artillery range (open since WWII) made their homes rattle, and tried to get the Army to shut down the range. This kind of trash has been going on for a long time, and I would have to say that a factory producing food and jobs is much more important then some knucklehead moving next to the factory.
It's true brother I We are living it!
The government shutdown has even resulted in the turning off of the Armed Forces Network (AFN) Here in Afghanistan, (as well as Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, etc) if you want to watch some American TV and relax with maybe a football game that is your only choice. Our Military who are defending the clowns in our government are living in tents and being shot at, then the government shuts off their TV? I wonder how much they are saving by turning off the AFN, or is it just part of making everyone feel uncomfortable?
Thanks to the government shutdown, Armed Forces Network (AFN) has been turned off at all overseas bases. What does that mean? No television for US Forces serving in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar and other bases . Now while this may not seem like a big deal in spite of all of the other damage being done by the Affordable Care Act and the democrats refusal to negotiate. Just imagine how Americans would feel if they could no longer watch TV to unwind. Although most Americans are not living in tents or having rockets launched at them so they live with far less stress then we do over here. I wonder how much money they are saving by turning off AFN, or is this just designed to keep the Military from seeing what a farce the prez really is?
Time to recall DWS, and take a step in the right direction to save the USA!
My birthday is 9-11, I am a native New Yorker, I served 21 years in the USAF, and now continue to serve here in support of our military in Afghanistan. On our FOB here in Afghanistan yesterday our Soldiers assembled to celebrate Patriots Day, made me feel even prouder to support them. My eyes will still fill with tears upon hearing our National Anthem, and seeing the success of all of these fine Patriots participating in a show of pride in our Nations Capitol makes me just as proud. It is a real sin that we are told we are racist for wanting to stand tall for our country against the muslim threat that could take over our Country if we stand by idle and pretend it is alright. I see everyday here how islam treats its women and children, the liberal mindset would freak out if they saw what I have seen. I bet they would complain the loudest (while still doing nothing) if they had to live under true sharia law. It is not the religion of peace as advertised. May God Bless these Bikers who have taken the time to show support for a real America!
While I pray that not one single US service man will be hurt in this operation, it should be noted that Russia has sold to Syria anti ship missiles that are capable of sinking ships when fired from inside of Syria. How would obbammy explain the loss of a few Destroyers with their crews? I wonder how much WW III will cost and just to help the taliban take over Syria.
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