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Aloha Snackbar, or Dirka Dirka
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Shooting to Live

ohiojoe Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 11:42 AM
I would rather kill a late night intruder in my home than live with the memory of something terrible happening to one of my family members. I will never hesitate to shoot in self defense and if someone makes the mistake of entering my home uninvited they not leave under their own power.
One white boy down, wheres the next one. Looks like the emperor is about to get the Martial law he wants so badly. Just the excuse required to get the 2nd Amendment squashed once and for all. Sad days for the USA.
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Al Qaeda: Back and Bigger Than Ever

ohiojoe Wrote: Jan 09, 2014 9:44 PM
That is a M-1114 model up armored HMMWV these have been deemed unsafe for our troops to ride in since anything bigger then a 7.62 X 54R round can pierce its armor. Most of these have been turned over to the Iraqi Army or police forces, and any in Afghanistan have been given over to the Afghan Army or Police. Very few of these are still in use by our Special Forces (who are well known to be bullet proof) Of course your point is well taken as the Afghan and Iraqi soldiers are more often then not prior Taliban terrorists.
Azera, Your question could have been, "why are these people so worried about protecting the rights of an insane person, one who would pick up a firearm and aim at a child?" Just like the nut job that walked into the Aurora movie theater and opened up on innocents, lanza was nothing less than a total nut job. Worst part is his (Aurora Nut) Dr. knew of his intentions and rather than call the police, she chose to protect his rights to privacy. Kids deserve to be protected from sick people since they are naive and trust adults to do the right thing in the interest of that child. Maybe if this had happened a bit closer to home you would be a bit more sensitive.
Well he probably collects welfare too, sittign at his mom's home and smokes pot all day. Dreaming of the day he can meet barry and soros.
I've got to call BS on this judge even considering this case. I am sure that factory has been there longer than some of the folks who have chosen to move into this area. Reminds me of a developer in NC near Fort Bragg. People bought homes cheap enough but then realized the US Army Artillery range (open since WWII) made their homes rattle, and tried to get the Army to shut down the range. This kind of trash has been going on for a long time, and I would have to say that a factory producing food and jobs is much more important then some knucklehead moving next to the factory.
It's true brother I We are living it!
The government shutdown has even resulted in the turning off of the Armed Forces Network (AFN) Here in Afghanistan, (as well as Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, etc) if you want to watch some American TV and relax with maybe a football game that is your only choice. Our Military who are defending the clowns in our government are living in tents and being shot at, then the government shuts off their TV? I wonder how much they are saving by turning off the AFN, or is it just part of making everyone feel uncomfortable?
Thanks to the government shutdown, Armed Forces Network (AFN) has been turned off at all overseas bases. What does that mean? No television for US Forces serving in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar and other bases . Now while this may not seem like a big deal in spite of all of the other damage being done by the Affordable Care Act and the democrats refusal to negotiate. Just imagine how Americans would feel if they could no longer watch TV to unwind. Although most Americans are not living in tents or having rockets launched at them so they live with far less stress then we do over here. I wonder how much money they are saving by turning off AFN, or is this just designed to keep the Military from seeing what a farce the prez really is?
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