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The Coming Doctor "Cliff"

Ohio_Conservative457 Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 10:58 AM
Doctors and Hospitals are being squeezed to the point of going 'Cash Only' or taking early retirement already! There is little the House can do by 12/31/2012 to stop this exodus from Mediscare, much less what is already mandated by ObozoCare in 2013 REALLY in 2014! If I was a doctor.. I'd opt out as of 1/1/2013!!! Obozo and Harry Reed are digging their heels in since they feel they have the upper hand... They Don't! The Fiscal Cliff is going to happen and ALL our taxes are going up! So are MASSIVE cuts that the Dems really don't want to see happen at any cost! They will OWN the destruction of our economy and in 2014... a massive fix to the Senate will happen! Let's just get it over with and fix it in Jan 2015!!! TCG-L

As Congress continues to try and work out a deal with an unreasonable White House to prevent going over the fiscal cliff, doctors are facing even bigger problems. New ObamaCare taxes kick in on January 1 no matter what happens with the fiscal cliff or the debt ceiling and $500 billion has already been cut from Medicare to pay for the legislation. Doctors are begging for Washington to reform the Medicare system rather than come up with short term solutions that aren't really solutions at all. More from POLITICO:

Not only do doctors face a 2...