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SageAdvice2014... You and I are old timers on Town Hall and have for the most part usually agreed on most issues... not always, but I respect your opinions. Your last post above... I consider set apart from ALL... You Are Extremely 'Sage' In Your Wisdom, my friend!!! Thank you for being a true representative of Honest Conservative Thought and defense of our ideals!!! It's your best! TCG-L
Even Holder can't save this one, but fear not... in 2016, Obozo just has to Pardon him and all will be well in the DNC base. (sic) TCG-L
Good one, Chestersonfan! TCG-L
Sit tight, Sloandog... This is part of the setup for the GOP to finally get off their anuses and take Obozo on directly with his own pathetic and manipulated incompetence and track record. The day of reckoning will come, starting November 4th, 2014! This is just the prelude! TCG-L
Don't laugh people... We have another nutcase in charge here! If he continues getting away with challenging, bypassing, and ignoring the US Constitution to have his way... What's to stop him from declaring himself supreme leader and doing the same insane things? TCG-L
True Rick, as long as we're talking General Elections. Primaries are always Party Based. TCG-L
I'd be curious to see if all 4M of them are actually Paid-For Enrollees and if no... how many are still locked into the proverbial 'Shopping Cart' of cyberspace. It matters not... they all, especially being Californians, are probably still skipping a few heart beats over the costs involved and as such... might just vote Republican next time. TCG-L
Sage... You ole silver tongued devil you... Tee Hee Hee! TCG-L
I like the way you think WJF! TCG-L
Like I said, Steve... The onus is not just on us verbal Conservatives... but the entire country! Over weanling odds and disgruntled voters are another! Until enough ordinary folks learn and ignore the propaganda being shoved down their throats daily... We still need unquestionable numbers at this point. Let's hope all the non-voting, lazy public realize they were had and actually help us this time! TCG-L
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