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You are accurate in your assessment. TCG-L
We all know that the Prosecutor can 'Stack the Deck' in the Jury Pool with whomever He/She likes to come out with an indictment! Yes... this is Political Revenge for the Veto. Seen these tactics from the Dems in Austin way too many times before! I suspect any clear-thinking Judge would throw it out on the first day of trial. If not... Perry's political future will be harmed and that IS the intent of this vindictive action in the first place. TCG-L
Health Care Costs, Payroll and of course... More Taxes (If they start a small business)... Typed a little too fast. TCG-L
Until Millennials and free-loaders get off of the Mommy & Daddy Money Teet and/or the Guberment free ride and have to actually start paying for all those pesky costs like Taxes, Housing, Food, Transportation, Fuel, Utilities, Insurance, Drinks, Smokes, Smart Phones with huge Data Plans, TVs, Stereos, Furnishings, Entertainment, Health Care Costs Payroll and of curse... More Taxes (If they start a small business)... Then Of Course they will always believe in the false panacea of Liberalism... after all... It's OP Money until they actually EARN their own way! TCG-L
Obozo is utterly a press and media hore, intent on taking advantage of a new diversion and to stir up his base by this shameless move. Eric Holder (Obozo's Henchman, has '0' credibility or business interjecting his racial and 'black' biased views and pressures on a local issue!! He should be doing the job we actually pay him to do, but that would not serve his master's wishes. These two should BOTH be Impeached for Abuse of Power and ran out of town on a rail!!! TCG-L
“We lost a young man, Michael Brown, in heartbreaking and tragic circumstances,” he continued. “He was 18-years-old. His family will never hold Michael in their arms again. And when something like this happens, the local authorities need to be open and transparent about how they're investigating this kind of a situation.” ... This clown actually has the GALL to call for OPEN TRANSPARENCY!!!! He should have stayed where he was and tried to at least break 100... That would at least be SOME accomplishment.... Putz In Charge!!! TCG-L
"What’s more, two journalists were also arrested for very questionable reasons, and the crackdown on free expression is becoming a real cause for concern:" OK Daniel... before you and Cruz get your feathers all ruffled over a couple journalists being detained for a while... I'd like to know a little more about what led up to their arrest. If they were acting like Paparazzi... Good... The Press have no free ride just because they carry a Press Pass... so I will need more info on their actions before I care about them being incarcerated for a little while! TCG-L
While it's gratifying to see the Liberals, led by their high exulted messiah being put in their place for a tiny fraction of their (and his) over-reaches... there are ten-fold more not being addressed! When bugs and birds outweigh our national energy needs... (for example) and it costs thousands of good paying jobs and higher prices on everything from food to electricity in a dismal economy... I must say... I'm not impressed... yet. We's gots a long ways to go to put an end to the Liberal Shenanigans being perpetrated on us all on a daily basis! TCG-L
Something in this piece doesn't jive. Earlier today, Chuck Hagel said in a brief off the cuff statement that the arms going to the Kurds were actually coming from weapons caches we long ago supplied to Maliki in Baghdad, that were supposed to be for the Kurds, but the Maliki government never sent to them. He (Hagel) somewhat flippantly stated that we were merely transporting them from Baghdad to the Kurds. This piece implies we are delivering 'anew', arms from the US. Which is it??? TCG-L
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