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Also... Skype calls are not stored on any servers either. I verified that with Skype long before MS bought them out. That goes for Video and Voice. They Do, however, retain IM messages. TCG-L
You are right Jason, but no one is talking about 'Text Messages' yet... Those Can be deleted as they are only stored on the mobile device. I had lost some texts I wanted to recover after accidentally deleting them with others I did want deleted. Tier 1 tech support informed me at the time 'Don't Do That'... we do not store them... only you on your mobile device can access them. I have a couple friends that use texting exclusively for that very reason! That being the case... I wonder just how much texting IRS officials have been doing knowing that they Can be deleted forever. Interesting, Huh! TCG-L
Ditto... I just lost 10 - 15 minutes of comment too! God... I hate TH Refreshes without saves! TCG-L
Either this is utter insanity... or more likely a Progressive scheme to further confuse and dumb-down the youth of America... the question to ponder is... Why? Somebody has got to have a vested interest in this nonsense and you can bet your bottom dollar... They have a 'D' on their ballot's party affiliation! Utter BS! TCG-L
As a general rule, I usually find Fallon's humor lame at best... but lately... It looks like he at least gets it that Obozo is a worthless POS lying SOB... and has spoofed him several times! There might be hope for some of the clueless Liberal young yet! TCG-L
SageAdvice2014... You and I are old timers on Town Hall and have for the most part usually agreed on most issues... not always, but I respect your opinions. Your last post above... I consider set apart from ALL... You Are Extremely 'Sage' In Your Wisdom, my friend!!! Thank you for being a true representative of Honest Conservative Thought and defense of our ideals!!! It's your best! TCG-L
Even Holder can't save this one, but fear not... in 2016, Obozo just has to Pardon him and all will be well in the DNC base. (sic) TCG-L
Good one, Chestersonfan! TCG-L
Sit tight, Sloandog... This is part of the setup for the GOP to finally get off their anuses and take Obozo on directly with his own pathetic and manipulated incompetence and track record. The day of reckoning will come, starting November 4th, 2014! This is just the prelude! TCG-L
Don't laugh people... We have another nutcase in charge here! If he continues getting away with challenging, bypassing, and ignoring the US Constitution to have his way... What's to stop him from declaring himself supreme leader and doing the same insane things? TCG-L
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