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It’s an Obama world: Students learn to talk like Barack Obama

Ohio12 Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 6:55 AM
Actually, Obama himself learned how to talk from watching old Yogi Bear cartoons. "Heyyyy, BooBoo, (pause), I'mmmm (pause) smarterthantheaveragebear!"

From the “too outrageous to be true” file comes this gem: a teacher is instructing English language learners in Thailand to talk like Barack Obama.

That’s right – little schoolchildren are actually running around speaking English with the cadence of the president, if they’re not quoting him directly.

The lesson plan comes from Cassandra James, a “British-American writer currently living in Bangkok, Thailand.”

James’ idea is to get Thai students to pronounce words correctly and attempt to lose their accent. Makes sense. Her solution?

Listen to Obama speeches and mimic him! Here is an excerpt from the lesson plan: