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Dear Democrats, You Lost My Mom

Ohio12 Wrote: Nov 08, 2014 2:45 PM
Another comment which should have immediately disqualified him was "I'll slow the development of new combat systems..." Or how about "under my system of cap and trade, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket"...
Science? Science knows very little about this virus. Science does not know how many virions it takes to produce disease in a human. Science is not even certain what the animal reservoir is in Africa (probably the Egyptian fruit bat, but is hasn't been confirmed). Could it establish itself in the bat population of North America? Yes or no, Science, please tell us! Dr. Spencer (of bowling alley fame), Dr. Sacra, and Dr. Brantley all contracted this virus while wearing biocontainment suits. How could this happen? Are they all incompetent? Is Nurse Kaci more competent than they? Why did CDC have a poster on their website about the possibility of spread by droplet contact, then remove this information? Did Science change its mind? Ebola is a highly lethal virus with no vaccine and no PROVEN treatment techniques, now in a part of the world where it has never been, with an immunologically naive human population. A three-week quarantine period would seem to be a very small price to pay to ensure the well-being of the general population. If this is too high of a price to pay by the screeching freak of a nurse, then what kind of a selfless humanitarian was she in the first place?
CDC no longer has any credibility as far as I'm concerned. (This coming from someone who used to near-idolize them, and who had been there twice for training.) Their laboratory-level people are still top-notch, but their leaders have shown themselves to be nothing more than political puppets for the ruling administration. I just read where their approval level has plunged from 75% down to 37%. I don't trust them, people.
The subway-riding, bowling, coffee-shop-loving NYC Dr. Spencer - just how DID he get Ebola? He wore a biocontainment suit and presumably took all the precautions. Ditto for Dr. Brantley and Dr. Sacra. Are they ALL incompetent, or is something else going on here? Is Special Kaci more competent than they? Tell us, Special Kaci, if you know - what IS the incubation period for this virus? There is no way she could "know" that she is "perfectly healthy". The ancient Greeks had a word for this...hubris.
The fact is, we are dealing with a highly lethal virus with no PROVEN treatment techniques. We are not certain of how it can be spread (or, perhaps more accurately, how it CAN'T be spread). CDC had on its website a section on how Ebola could be spread through droplets. I say they HAD, because it has since been removed. See for yourselves. As another poster has pointed out, North America is immunologically naive as pertains to Ebola. No one is believed to have immunity. If we were dealing with a plant or animal pathogen, our govt. would be insisting on quarantine. In Obama's America, it's just PEOPLE who might be at risk, so, no big deal...
She is SO special! There she is, pedaling her little bicycle, and wearing a helmet to protect the contents of that very, very special cranium. It's all about her. Her rights, her safety, her convenience. Other people's well-being...not so much. Her lawyer should tell her to lose the arrogant smirk.
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Leftist Hysteria Over Monsanto

Ohio12 Wrote: Sep 23, 2013 7:14 PM
Nope! The FDA never approved Thalidomide. They used it in Europe, but not here.
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