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I did just that. Not that my congressman can do anything about it. I know my senators won't, both are liberals.
If I were granny, I would go home anyway. And then to a jail cell, and then back home, and then to a jail cell. And then I would go to every news outlet that would be willing to hear my story.
We have an evil regime on our hands. And we are stuck with it for three more years. There's going to be many more incidents of this regime running over us like this in the future. As Americans we look to our gov't for help on occasion, now we only have ourselves to turn to. I can honestly say I fear my gov't. It is intrusive, overbearing, and tyrannical. And we have only ourselves to turn to for help.
I lost faith in our government a long time ago. I'm beginning to lose faith in our military as well. This anti-Christian presentation is one of several anti-Christian instances that have occurred within our armed forces in recent times. If I were a youngster these days, I wouldn't enlist.
The problem with all of this is, it wasn't a mistake. It wasn't a misspeak, it wasn't an "isolated incident" or any other liberal excuse. The fact is, Christians are under attack in this country. This isn't the first time the government has labeled Christians as terrorists. It is time for all of our pastors, ministers, priests, and church elders to educate their congregations on the dangers we face as Christians. We are no longer free in this country.
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