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Two is Enough

Odell Wrote: May 21, 2012 5:50 PM
Until the election laws are changed to require a run-off election between the two highest vote-receivers when the top candidate doesn't get 50% or more, we will never have success with third party candidates. This would mean doing away with the electoral college system completely

NEWS FLASH: The next president of the United States, like the last 29, will be a Republican or a Democrat.

That's not news, you say? But surely it must be. Haven't we been hearing for months from accomplished and influential people — people like former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, private-equity investor Peter Ackerman, and former New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman — that the post-partisan hour was finally at hand? Weren't legions of Americans said to be ready to turn their backs on the old two-party system, with all its divisiveness and ideological rigidity? Haven't tens of millions of...