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They were prone to hanging ANYONE who committed crimes then. Horse thieves, bank robbers, murderers, etc. Why only mention black folks?
You are wrong! Privatization would have taken it OUT of government hands! I've worked with military and other gov. orgs. enough to know that government cannot do anything efficiently!!!! That's why local, state, and federal agencies use private contractors to bid on work that government needs done. You want freeways built? The state takes bids from contractors and award jobs to the cheapest bidder. Even NASA hires hires Boeing, Lockheed, Martin-Marietta, and a host of contractors to put man on the moon and build the space station.
Well, in jest, you COULD buy a looong extension cord.
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Two is Enough

Odell Wrote: May 21, 2012 5:50 PM
Until the election laws are changed to require a run-off election between the two highest vote-receivers when the top candidate doesn't get 50% or more, we will never have success with third party candidates. This would mean doing away with the electoral college system completely
Don't be so sure. If the EPA determines that the property is able to be declared a wetland, or a UN heritage site, then they will impose their regulations on it.
Right, justme16, and our main challenge is to get him out of office in November before he has a chance to select three more liberal justices to the supreme court. If we cannot un-elect him in November, then we must have enough congressmen to impeach him if he truly screws up illegally.
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