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And Nevada thought he was better than Sharon Angle. Really Nevada?
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DNC Goers Like Socialism

Octavio5 Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 5:55 PM
Do these people ever think that every form of tyranny that humanity has EVER experienced came from their beloved "government"? And that many, if not most of them, started by trying to "help" the people?
Bobby245, besides this, what else did he "lie" about?
Indeed Dan. Great comment.
And he has already been demonized by the left fr saying something that seems self evident. But the media will hide this to the end of days.
Precious coming from people who benefitted from the private sector, free enterprise and free people more than many. Or do they think they got where they did and have the money they have because of government? Did they build that?
That will leave a mark...
And this from the best campaign ever to be stood up on the face of the Earth...
It should not be Aura. Whose obligation is it to care for the sick and poor? Is it not your and mine? Why do we want to relinquish it to the government? Is the government supposed to be compassionate or are people supposed to be compassionate? Will buildings and books of rules and laws feed the hungry or will we give of our time to buy them food and take the time to cook and hand it to them? Those are Christ's instructions.
Thank you Kate. Another thing that irritates me is that the Catholic church gives an enormous pass to big government and then complains when they come after them and their doctrine. It happens everywhere.
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The Have-Littles and the Have-Nots

Octavio5 Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 8:42 PM
Excellent commentary Miss Marsden. Thank you.
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